To the Cloud Contact Center and Beyond

Many of us rely on the cloud without giving it a second thought. It turns our mobile phones into smartphones and enables the streaming media binge-watching that’s getting us through these strange days. And it makes remote working possible with collaboration tools, online meetings, shared documents and cost-effective data storage for our companies.

Leveraging Cloud in Your Contact Center

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, 28% of companies are actively recruiting employees, according to a recent ContactBabel study. Contact centers now need the flexibility to adapt quickly and maintain reliable customer service by arranging for agents to work from home. That same ContactBabel study shows that, from late 2019 to April 2020, the number of remote agents soared from 14% to 71%.

The right cloud platform lets contact centers thrive in uncertain times like these — with improved security, agility and productivity. And easy-to-integrate tools and capabilities like artificial intelligence (AI) enable companies to provide a better experience for their employees, which means a better experience for their customers.

With more people spending time online, it’s critical to use a secure platform. From the infrastructure to data encryption techniques and security threat-response processes, the right cloud platform keeps your customers’ data secure.

A cloud platform also allows your contact center to scale up or down quickly, as needed. When agents can multitask, work more efficiently and serve more customers, sales increase and your business can grow. Plus, omnichannel capabilities provide key analytics and improve productivity.

And having a cloud contact center platform that’s built with open-source APIs means you can add innovations like AI, machine learning and the internet of things (IoT) seamlessly. Contact centers can leverage AI to analyze and predict customer requests, for example, which improves agent productivity, up-selling and the overall customer experience.

Improving the agent experience is also a boon of a cloud-based contact center platform. For example, you can create a universal queue — where a single platform handles all types of work — to then assign the right type of work to the right agent — at the right time. Work variety keeps employees engaged and motivated. And, because you can easily manage workflows, you also offer agents a better work-life balance. That’s critically important as employees are juggling work and life changes amid the pandemic.

Today, your customer experience is more important than ever. A cloud contact center gives you flexibility that creates an immediate advantage during the COVID-19 crisis. And a cloud contact center like the Genesys Cloud™ solution also equips you for all the changes that come beyond our current situation.

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