Building the Best Machine for the Race to the Cloud

I strive to help people connect through technology globally. That’s why I’m proud to be involved with the fastest cloud platform in the contact center industry. And cloud is becoming more pervasive than ever.

In fact, a new study shows that cloud technology has enabled a remote workforce amid recent global changes. In December 2019, only 14% of companies openly practiced a remote working strategy. By mid-April; however, that number rose to 71%. Stay-at-home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to shift rapidly and allow their employees to work from home. As you can imagine, not all companies were prepared to pivot to cloud before this.

If I were to compare this to the competition and science of car racing, these companies only need a small push with the right equipment and team to help them expertly maneuver through the tight turns and changing conditions so they can remain wicked fast and competitive.

So, let’s take a look at what’s behind a successful race. I think that the tires of a race car are some of the most important components. It’s deeply fascinating to me that teams of engineers use complex technology to shape the most molecularly advanced material into tires so a race car stays on the track through all conditions. Tires have to withstand a range of temperatures — from test-track driving to sustained competitive intensity — without losing traction or performance. For the Genesys CloudTM solution, this type of durability comes from a mesh of microservices.

Think of a microservices architecture as the fastest and most resilient material to could put on a race car. Microservices can keep you rolling at high speeds through a light Tuesday practice run or a Black Friday critical shopping season. The best part is that these “cloud tires” never wear out. Yes, microservices become non-functional — but the material self-heals with no downtime. Your customers never feel any bumps in the road — and neither does your IT team.

Because the Genesys Cloud solution was built with this self-automated architecture, there are no more pitstops. There’s no need to refuel or stop for upgrades. We deliver new features every week — mid-lap. And it’s been this way since 2013, so Genesys Cloud customers have been running circles – literally – around their competitors who are still scheduling downtime for quarterly upgrades.

Under the Hood of the Genesys Cloud Solution
To keep pace with changes in the industry, every great race car needs a powerful engine — one that’s a finely tuned thing of beauty. As such, the Genesys Cloud engine was built on open standards. That means, you get an open API platform that was designed for integrations.

Modern advancements are drastically shifting. Engine advancements include predictive routing, which gets your customers to the best agent at the best moment for the best outcome. The Genesys Cloud solution also taps into artificial intelligence (AI) seamlessly — without having rebuilding the engine. AI takes contact center technology and customer experience to the next level.

And even the perfect car won’t win any races without a skilled and confident driver behind the wheel. This driver has the incredibly difficult job of orchestrating all these precision systems while taking into account environmental factors like wind and changing track positioning.

This is where Genesys Cloud breaks all the rules.

In their Genesys Cloud demo, Bobbi Chester and Abi Chandra, both cloud evangelists, show how fast and easy it is for a new customer to work with the Genesys Cloud solution. They begin with an empty contact center — with no configurations. By the end of the 20-minute demo, the untrained participants are taking SMS and phone calls just like agents with live calls and texts.

During the demo, they also show how to complete phone number provisioning in less than 2 minutes. In this highly competitive field — where minutes could cost you customer loyalty — it’s more critical than ever to get off the starting line in record time.

And the Genesys Cloud solution isn’t just for large enterprises. Every company — from small mom and pop businesses to some of the most beloved enterprises — can use the Genesys Cloud solution to reach the checkered flag before their competitors.

Learn more about how the Genesys Cloud solution puts the pedal to the metal to help you provide a great customer experience. And read this white paper to learn how to modernize your contact center to deliver true omnichannel customer experience.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!