The Future of Self-Service and Genesys Intelligent Automation

My 14-year-old daughter’s heart sank when she felt her dream of playing Division 1 softball slip through her fingers. Unknowingly, she waited too long to join the right travel team. Money had run out; scholarships had been committed to other players.

As a Genesys® PureConnectTM customer, it might have felt like your customer experience dream was passing you by as other platforms touted cool technologies like visual IVR, omnichannel self-service, chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI). But we heard you loud and clear—that’s why we’re accelerating our focus to develop common services and microservices for use by all Genesys platforms, including PureConnect. The cool new stuff should be available to everyone.

This multi-part series explains how PureConnect customers have embraced these capabilities to turn their customer experience dreams into reality.

Large Bank Chooses Genesys Intelligent Automation for Future of Self-Service

Intelligent automation is a big part of this bank’s customer experience vision with the desired business outcomes of speeding identification of customer intent, reducing handle times and improving NPS. They chose Genesys Intelligent Automation to empower IT to quickly deliver speech and visual IVR apps at a lower cost. They also wanted to establish a self-service platform for the future.

The first three micro apps include password reset, customer authentication, and loan payment. The next step is to extend beyond voice channels, providing a true multimodal and omnichannel self-service experience that includes bots. Migrating other self-service applications from Interaction Attendant to Genesys Intelligent Automation will occur in parallel. The company also is investigating adding Genesys Altocloud to the mix to personalize self-service. This PureConnect Cloud customer plans to take full advantage of the Genesys R&D team’s deliberate effort to innovate on behalf of all customers.

The day after my daughter shared her fears of losing the chance to play Division 1 softball, she received her first scholarship offer from a top program. She wouldn’t be left behind—this was the beginning of many great things to come.

The same holds true for you, our PureConnect customers. The best is yet to come as we continue to develop common services and microservices, together with native enhancements. And as companies rush to usher in visual IVR, omnichannel self-service, bots, and AI to stay competitive and optimize spend, it’s no wonder why Genesys Intelligent Automation is the darling of common services for PureConnect.

If you haven’t already, be sure to reach out to your account team to see how you can take advantage of these capabilities. Here’s to an exciting future and great outcomes for all!