Innovation Spotlight: Native Enhancements to the Genesys PureConnect Platform

Ever seen a picture of a sailboat sailing? Notice how the boat is leaning? The tall triangular sails catch a lot of wind, which propels the sailboat forward. However, it would immediately flip if there were no counterweight to offset the tilt of the sails. This stabilizing counterweight is called ballast—and it needs to increase in proportion with the sail size if the boat is to make progress through the water.

The Genesys PureConnectTM platform is a mature, proven craft with powerful capabilities built in—and we’re constantly improving its sails and ballast to keep it moving forward swiftly. As discussed earlier in this blog series, we’re adding new sails woven with the thread of cloud microservices and common services to increase the versatility of the PureConnect platform. We’re simultaneously modifying the ballast with native platform enhancements to increase stability and enable the simple use of these new capabilities. Because they are interrelated, it’s important to evolve both in proper proportion to one another.

Social Media

Social media is a great example of this symbiotic relationship. The Genesys Hub, a common service, connects to and monitors Facebook and Twitter conversations. Work on the PureConnect platform allows you to configure and manage everything social from within the all-in-one web client, Interaction Connect. You get the power of the Hub with the administrative ease that PureConnect customers love.


Speaking of Interaction Connect, we continue building out this modern all-in-one web interface. The agent experience is robust with embedded agent scripting, WebRTC phone (via PureCloud common service today), personal prompts and ring sounds, as well as additional queue views, filters, and limits. Now, the race is on to add new supervisory and administrative capabilities to further simplify IT administration and improve the experience for everyone.


Major analytics advances are coming, too; you’ll see great improvements in how information is stored and presented. Web-based dashboards and interactive visualizations help non-technical users gain access to new, key insights drawn from a larger dataset. This means greater productivity and better customer and agent experiences.

Cloud Acceleration

We’ve adopted a cloud-first strategy at Genesys. Our focus with the PureConnect Cloud platform is to deliver new capabilities faster, provide additional network options to speed deployment, make it easier to install new capabilities and enhance operations with increased automation and resiliency.

As you can see, these truly are exciting times for the PureConnect platform and its faithful tribe. Just listen to what the leader of the PureConnect platform at Genesys, Guillaume Lardeux, finds most exciting about this great platform with a great history.

This awesome news translates into three-fold innovation on behalf of our customers: cloud microservices, common services, and native platform enhancements. We’re confident that these improvements will grant you a safe journey and good fortune as you navigate the tricky waters of customer engagement. We wish you smooth sailing on your adventures ahead.