Innovation Spotlight: The Superpowers of Genesys PureConnect Common Services

If you could combine two superheroes into one, which two would you choose?  Perhaps you merge Superman’s powers with Batman’s brains to get one unbeatable force. Or maybe you’d combine Flash, the fastest man alive, with Hulk’s superhuman strength for complete invulnerability. Applying this analogy to our world, imagine if you could utilize various Genesys Multicloud CX and Genesys Cloud features to strengthen PureConnectTM capabilities. You’d get a superpowered platform that’s capable of dominating the contact center universe and saving the world from poor customer experiences.

This superhero exists, and it’s called common services. It’s also the third topic in our Innovation Spotlight blog series for the PureConnect platform. With common services, PureConnect customers gain access to technology previously only available on the Genesys Multicloud CX and Genesys Cloud.

The following capabilities are now shared across multiple Genesys platforms, including the PureConnect solution.

  • Co-Browse
    With the consent of the website visitor, an agent can take control of the customer’s screen and interact directly with the webpage to help them perform an action such as filling out a form.
  • Comprehensive Interaction Analytics
    Genesys Interaction Analytics combines rich speech and text analytics across all channels. Conversations are categorized by topic; emerging trends and unexpected events are discovered, and users can search for words or phrases within interactions.
  • Intelligent (Self-Service) Automation
    Genesys Intelligent Automation enables companies to build personalized omnichannel self-service applications, intelligent assistants and more. It provides 80-plus, pre-built microapps for rapid deployment across channels. It leverages native and third-party Natural Language Processing and provides robust speech recognition via Nuance. Note: Initially, the PureConnect platform only supports voice applications. Visual IVR and omnichannel will follow, including chatbots.
  • Social Media Connectors
    Connect even more moments using the Genesys Hub to connect to Facebook and Twitter and to monitor social conversations. The PureConnect platform then routes social interactions that need attention to agents so they can join the conversation.
  • Widgets
    Genesys Widgets are streamlined, lightweight, extensible and mobile-optimized widgets that customers embed on their websites. Note: Initially, PureConnect customers will be able to use the Genesys Chat Widget, which brings best-in-class chat capabilities within a user interface optimized for both desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Sophisticated Workforce Management (WFM)
    Genesys Workforce Management is a comprehensive application that accurately forecasts, schedules and tracks the performance of multi-skilled employees in single and multisite environments. It is the only integrated workforce management system to offer automatic updates of historical data and employee skill information—in real-time—across all interaction channels to ensure the most accurate planning.
  • Strategic Planning
    Genesys Decisions is a strategic planning tool designed specifically for contact centers to help organizations make smarter plans and budgets. Accurate prediction of long-term operational performance considers the true impact of contact volumes, attrition, service levels and other key factors. You also can develop effective, yet efficient, staffing and service plans. The ability to continuously track variance from those plans allows for faster response to change and, ultimately, a better customer experience.

The PureConnect platform is poised to take advantage of many newly accessible common services to deliver exceptional experiences for customers and employees. If you missed the first two blog posts of our Innovation Spotlight series, check out Jason Alley’s CX18 recap and Gina Clarkin’s recent post about common microservices. And check back soon for the final installment in our series, which discusses new native enhancements coming to the PureConnect platform.

Let’s get started creating your superpowered solution to improve employee and customer experiences. Meet with your account team to create a personalized roadmap.