TechPoint: Rocket Fuel for the Indianapolis Tech Community and Genesys

In today’s digitally-driven world, consumers across the globe expect hyper-personalized experiences. They expect companies to know them, understand their preferences and be available to them how and when they want to interact.

That’s a tall order.

And, many businesses are still in the early phases of figuring out how to meet the new mandate for customer service. In fact, recent data from Forrester indicates 72 percent of businesses say their top priority is improving the customer experience.

We live and breathe customer experience at Genesys. That’s why we know now is the time for a customer service transformation.

We’re already leading the industry with innovative technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, bots and customer service automation. But, we want to push the boundaries much further.

In order to do that, we need new technical talent, fresh perspectives and continuous innovation that will propel the industry forward. We know first-hand careers in customer experience are both challenging and rewarding. We also know that tomorrow’s customer experience leaders are hard to find.

Igniting the Customer Experience Industry with Indy Talent  

As a global company with customers all over the world, we need good people everywhere – in the Bay area, the rest of North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia – and Indiana. Everyone thinks of Silicon Valley when it comes to tech-savvy hires. But, the kind of talent we need isn’t only in the Valley. It’s also in Indy.

We are very familiar with the talent pool Indianapolis offers because our largest office is located there. We’re proud of our great employees based in Indy – they’re smart, innovative and hardworking. And, we know there’s more where they came from.

I recognize the kind of talent and work ethic that exists in Indy – and the broader Midwest region. That’s because I’m a prime example: I grew up in Ohio, graduated from the University of Dayton and earned my law degree from the University of Chicago Law School. I live and work in the Bay area now, but at heart, I am a Midwesterner.

And, having roots in that area I know how much talent and potential is there. In fact, according to data compiled by the BSA Foundation, software employment grew in Indiana by 32 percent, or about 8,800 jobs, from 2014 to 2016. That makes Indiana one of two U.S. states with the largest percentage increases in software employment for that two-year period.

As a leading software employer in Indy, we want to help Indiana continue its growth trajectory. That’s why we see so much value in our relationship with TechPoint, a nonprofit dedicated to growing Indiana’s tech community and a key contributor to the state’s explosive growth as a new tech hub.

Reaching for the stars with TechPoint and Genesys

TechPoint’s programs align with so many of the priorities on which we are focused. Education is one example.

Working closely with TechPoint gives Genesys an opportunity to continue helping students in Indiana get involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). We want to encourage students from all academic disciplines to consider coding, from STEM to liberal arts and a host of majors in between, talent is everywhere. The key is to help drive student interest in coding early into students’ educations, so when they’re ready, they can come to work for Genesys!

TechPoint has tremendous programs to help students do just that.

One example – and one of the things that really excites us about TechPoint – is its Talent Programs, like its Xtern Bootcamp. It’s a three-week intensive training program for ambitious college students who are aspiring software developers but have not yet had experience in the field.

Xtern Bootcamp is the first step for college students who want a spot in TechPoint’s competitive tech internship program, Xtern. Since the program started in 2014, Xtern has facilitated 415 internship experiences with 83 Indiana employers for students from 53 universities and 35 states.

Not only is the program powered by local Indiana talent, it’s also a way to reverse the regional brain-drain, drawing in technology and engineering students from all over the country. For example, 1,500 students enrolled in 95 different universities applied for the 2018 Xtern program. Those students originate from 45 different states, all hoping to come to Indiana to further their technical education.

What’s more, on many occasions, students complete the Xtern program and choose to stay in Indiana to build their careers because of the affordable cost of living and thriving tech community.

My recent appointment to the TechPoint Board of Directors means a lot to me as well as to the broader Genesys organization because we believe in the Indiana workforce. We recognize the top technical talent that comes out of the state’s great universities like Butler, Rose-Hulman, Anderson University, Purdue, Notre Dame, Ball State, IUPUI and Indiana University, just to name a few.

We also believe in the supply chain of technology and professional services that wrap around the industry. When there is a strong, thriving tech hub like we have in Indianapolis, service professionals in other industries such as banking, law and accounting also benefit.

Genesys is doubling down on Indiana. It’s a tremendous source for talent and that’s why I am thrilled to serve on the Board of Directors for TechPoint. I am inspired to get involved at a higher level with an organization focused on creating community, connections and convening people to propel the state forward. And lastly, I am honored to serve as a board member and contribute to TechPoint’s momentum alongside other impressive leaders from the region’s most innovative technology companies.