Accelerating Digital Evolution in Your Contact Center

There are many motivations for contact centers to move to the cloud. For some companies, being on the edge of new technologies gives them a competitive advantage. For others, it’s the charge of tech consolidation, increasing productivity or building a transformative cross-channel customer experience.

The benefits of the cloud are expansive, but realizing its full potential requires more than replicating existing on-premises technologies, processes and thinking. This blog outlines how to take your contact center to the cloud to get the full impact of new use cases, experiences and value.

Best Practices for a Cloud Contact Center Migration

Acknowledge and think beyond business as usual

“Keeping the Lights On (KLTO)” efforts are top of mind with moving any critical technology. While it’s important to not interrupt critical workflows and processes, it can be even more important to be sure they don’t limit you. Avoid disruptions in service that affect customers and employees — and focus on transformational improvements that help enhance customer experience, retain employees and improve the bottom line.

Carefully plan data requirements, data integrations and document processes that are key to maintaining business as usual.

Leverage data and analytics

Cloud platforms and toolsets can offer powerful capabilities that help you explore your customer journey and business processes in new ways. Take inventory of all data sources and systems that are part of your current customer experience journey and assess if they can be integrated, leveraged and analyzed as part of your migration.

Uncovering insights about what parts of your experience are producing certain sentiment or outcomes can help you to imagine a whole way of operating in the cloud. Changes might be small but powerful, or large and transformational.

Embrace new digital channels

Avoid roadblocks in your cloud evolution by making sure to map and plan impactful data integrations across channels. The full customer journey across channels like phone, email, SMS, chat and CRM systems can be integrated and offer new insights into the customer experience.

As businesses start to support multiple channels it’s important to gain insight into those conversations. The ability to tap into top trending topics, channel preferences, sentiment trends and customer intent of those conversations can provide valuable insight into what journey customers are taking.

Redefine workflows in the contact center

Embracing a cloud contact center means you might need to redefine some workflows and business processes for areas like evaluation, coaching, billing and scheduling. Map and understand your existing processes and leverage data and analytics to guide you to identify opportunities for improvements for agents and customers.

Here are just a few steps to remember when evolving to a cloud contact center:

  • Inventory your data channels and systems
  • Leverage historical with new analysis capabilities data to identify areas for improvement
  • Optimize how you’ll integrate information access and flow across channels
  • Embrace new ways to develop insights into how customers are communicating

Fast-Track Your Cloud Project with Pixel Perfect Reporting Replication

One SuccessKPI customer, a leading non-profit health system, wanted to move from a Genesys Engage™ on-premises environment to the Genesys Cloud™ platform. The company was carefully planning the technical steps of the project and how it would impact its business process.

SuccessKPI, an insights and action platform that directly integrates with Genesys, helped the health system by not only replicate critical existing reporting, but also enhanced their reporting approach with custom reporting that support KPIs that impact the business.

“As part of our migration, SuccessKPI was able to replicate our prior Genesys Engage reporting environment in our new Genesys Cloud platform with the same look and feel — and enhance it with customized reporting with clearly defined KPIs,” said the Senior Director of Customer Experience Channels at the non-profit. “The SuccessKPI development team was organized, prioritized our requests appropriately and delivered results on time. We even partnered on a unique report capability that SuccessKPI built into their roadmap.”

Evolving to a cloud contact center requires the right strategy, expertise and toolset to both run smoothly and improve once you transform your CX. Don’t just replicate; harness the opportunity to innovate and create better experiences.

To learn how the SuccessKPI all-in-one insight and action platform can help you migrate to Genesys Cloud, visit the SuccessKPI in the Genesys AppFoundry® Marketplace.