Replacing a Legacy Contact Center Solution: Q&A with Stefan Novoszel, Tieto Austria

I recently joined Stefan Novoszel, solution architect with Genesys technology partner, Tieto, for a Q&A session. Our topic is one that’s been weighing on the minds of many contact center professionals today – legacy contact center infrastructure. A growing number of organizations are struggling with aging, voice-centric contact center solution that no longer support the complex journeys of today’s customers. Stefan shared some enlightening insights from a partner’s perspective about the benefits of making the shift to a future-proof contact center platform.

Q: You recently helped upgrade the contact center of one of Europe’s leading telecom providers. What was the biggest challenge they were experiencing with their legacy solution?

Stefan: Their contact center was relying on queue-based routing, which was inefficient and siloed. They couldn’t offer seamless, consistent personalized engagement to their customers. To adjust task and agent routing, business users continuously had to work with IT to manually manipulate the routing configuration. Instead of supervisors being able to focus on managing their teams, they were spending most of their time making changes to more than 600 skills.

Q: Did the routing issues also impact their agents?

Stefan: Yes. The distribution wasn’t balanced. Some agents were busy to the point that they couldn’t leave their desks while others sat idle. Some agents were being routed calls that they couldn’t handle, and there was often frantic reassigning of agents during peak times. This is a very common problem for organizations using queue-based routing.

Q: Why did the company choose the Genesys Customer Experience Platform?

Stefan: They needed an agile platform that could adapt according to the attributes of their customers. They also wanted to reduce their reliance on IT to make routing changes. After evaluating their options, Genesys clearly had the best solution for their unique business needs.

Q: How did their routing improve once the Customer Experience Platform was deployed?

Stefan: They no longer need to manually adjust routing, and business users can implement timely and automated changes in their routing environment. They now have a single routing engine and business rules to match interactions dynamically with the best agent. With Genesys, they can specify rules to differentiate routing among customers and even pull details from their CRM to influence routing behavior.

Q: How did the deployment of the Customer Experience Platform impact their employees?

Stefan: There was a dramatic, multi-faceted increase in workforce efficiency. Business users gained the agility they needed to make changes and can now implement new skills and services in a matter of minutes. IT still has control, but they also have more time to devote to other issues. Because interactions are dynamically matched across the entire resource pool, agents don’t receive calls they can’t handle, and there is a more consistent flow of work.

Q: What are your first steps when you begin working with an organization that is deploying the Genesys Customer Experience Platform?

Stefan: Depending on their needs, we show them what opportunities are available with their new solution. We conduct workshops and have extensive discussions about integration. We also address any concerns from both IT and business users. It’s a major shift when there is such an increase in functionality, speed, and agility.

Q: What advice would you give to an organization that is just starting the process of replacing their legacy contact center infrastructure?

Stefan: It’s very important to get all the stakeholders involved in the project. The deployment of a new contact center platform requires the enthusiasm and support of everyone. Talk about the changes that will be made. Show those in marketing the new possibilities and opportunities. Share details with your technical team that demonstrate that they will have less work. With a team that is working together, the deployment will be much more successful.

Is your legacy contact center solution no longer meeting your business needs? Are you experiencing uncertainty with a vendor that is grappling with financial issues and doesn’t have a clear path for innovation? It might be the optimal time to learn more about the Genesys Customer Experience Platform.

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