PureSuccess: The Way Your Relationship Should Be

Businesses face unprecedented challenges when it comes to effectively managing interactions with today’s always-on consumers. With the proliferation of digital channels, customer journeys have become increasingly complex, while the technologies that support them continue to advance at a rapid pace. Factor in the dynamic nature of business and growing competitive pressures, and customer experience leaders are left with one heck of a puzzle.

At Genesys, we enable more than 10,000 businesses, including some of the world’s most well-known brands, to solve that puzzle with our industry-leading omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions. They stand out from the competition because they have the capability to meet and exceed customer expectations across all interactions and engagement channels. That’s the key to success today. It’s no longer enough to offer stellar products, businesses must also set themselves apart by how they deliver for customers.

That principle applies to Genesys, too. How we service our customers is as important as the technology we provide. This is why we launched PureSuccess earlier this year – a completely new way to deliver customer experience with a comprehensive service delivery platform.

Breaking Down Silos That Hinder Success

In our industry, services teams often work in silos. Implementation is handled by one team. Customer Support is owned by another group, and customer education and training are delivered by yet another department. In the worst case, the demand for services and therefore customer touchpoints, taper down after deployment, leaving a giant whitespace where businesses need guidance the most.

At Genesys, we’re filling that whitespace with PureSuccess, guiding businesses to successfully achieve their desired outcomes. PureSuccess is a curated set of service elements relevant to our customers throughout their entire lifecycle. PureSuccess provides guidance and support to businesses at every turn, from strategy development and technology selection to implementation to ongoing use and evolution of their customer experience journey in partnership with Genesys. In a nutshell, it makes it easier for businesses to deploy Genesys solutions – and derive rapid value from them.

To provide continuous value and to give businesses the level of interaction they want from Genesys, we created three unique offers within PureSuccess:

  • Drive – For customers who want Genesys to “do it for them,” we provide hands-on assistance from an expert team. This is an ideal option for businesses that want Genesys at their side to lead their success.
  • Guide – For customers who want Genesys to “teach them how to do it themselves,” we guide customers to success with instructor-led training and live consultations.
  • Equip – For customers who want Genesys to give them the tools to “do it themselves,” we equip customers with tools, knowledge and materials so they are successful.

All three PureSuccess offers have a common framework incorporating business consulting, technical consulting, education, knowledge sharing and customer support. Yet, each offer also has tailored and defined service elements that truly provide bespoke services, through the PureSuccess Services Catalog, based on customer need, filling any whitespaces that may exist at any point in the lifecycle.

The Services Catalog

The three PureSuccess offers are designed to meet the majority of customer needs. However, there are times when exceptional needs arise – planned and unplanned. For example, numerous Genesys customers have seasonality in their businesses – especially those in the retail, tax and financial services industries. And, many of our customers, especially those in insurance or in the public sector, need to react to unplanned events. The Services Catalog provides PureSuccess customers with over 70 options that can be added to Equip, Guide or Drive at any time, so they can effectively navigate the natural ebb and flow of their business.

Help Exactly How and When You Need It

Businesses need different types of assistance as they design, deploy and operate their customer experience. That’s because no two businesses are at the same point on their path to becoming even more customer-centric. Genesys is here with the right level of help throughout the entire process.

As part of PureSuccess, businesses also gain the advantage of a Genesys Advisor. This is a critical part of PureSuccess in that it addresses customers’ desires for a partner, a trusted advisor and an advocate that is with them every step of the way. All PureSuccess offers come with a Genesys Advisor whose engagement is predicated upon the level of requirement the customer needs. These trusted partners have a unique mix of enterprise-level experience, expertise, and technical aptitude, combined with proven abilities to drive continuous value, revenue retention and growth and are with you starting on day one.

The Genesys Advisor works hand in hand with you to protect your investment, orchestrate adoption and drive toward full value realization of your Genesys Customer Experience Platform as well as deriving optimal value of your PureSuccess subscription.

With You at Every Turn

Delivering superior experiences at every customer touchpoint is no simple task. With evolving expectations and rapidly advancing technologies, businesses need ongoing, full-journey assistance and guidance to get it right. PureSuccess, along with Genesys prescriptive use cases and subscription, available on-premises and in the cloud, is designed to help organizations deliver premium experiences for every customer during every interaction. Learn more about the benefits of Genesys PureSuccess.