PureCloud Voice Goes Global

Genesys PureCloud Voice, a 100% cloud-based telephony service, launched in the UK—with availability in the Netherlands, France and Ireland to follow this spring. The PureCloud voice service is expected to roll out to an additional 15 new markets this year, including countries throughout Europe and Asia Pacific.

Key Points:

  • The PureCloud Voice web-based telephony service is now available in the UK.
  • PureCloud Voice will expand to about 20 new markets by the end of 2018.
  • The service offers affordable, usage-based billing and do-it-yourself (DIY) administration.
  • It gives you a single vendor for all your business communications.

PureCloud Voice Feature Overview

The Genesys PureCloud Voice internet-based telephony service provides public telephony access to PureCloud Communicate and the PureCloud contact center solution. The high-availability and high-reliability service is built on a second-generation multicarrier platform. The service has been available in the US and Canada since 2016.

Because it offers affordable, usage-based billing and is a single-vendor solution, PureCloud Voice is ideal for businesses that demand maximum simplicity.

100% Cloud

When PureCloud Voice is paired with a built-in WebRTC softphone, customers can achieve voice services without the need for any hardware. Enabled with only an internet connection, the PureCloud softphone turns any browser into a phone. Genesys customers will benefit from significantly streamlined management, as well as the high availability and auto scalability of the PureCloud platform to meet call volume demands.

DIY Administration

Users with the appropriate permissions can purchase, provision and manage numbers using a self-service web interface. Purchase new numbers from a PureCloud-provided inventory or port existing numbers to the service. Phone numbers can be assigned to users, IVR systems, managed phones or campaigns.

Connection Security

PureCloud Voice encrypts signaling traffic from the operating regions and supporting carriers. Audio is not encrypted by the carriers. Traffic to and from the endpoint (physical or virtual phone) uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) for signaling and Secure Real-Time Transport (SRTP) for audio.  Visit the PureCloud Resource Center for detailed security information.

Voice Quality

PureCloud Voice uses the standard G.711 codec for transmission from its service regions to providers. On the phone side, G.711 is transcoded to OPUS, a very versatile, low-latency and high-quality audio codec.

Usage-Based Billing

PureCloud Voice is a usage-based service; pricing varies based on the origin and destination of each call. Rates start at € 0.0076 per minute. Visit the PureCloud Resource Center for detailed PureCloud Voice pricing information and read the Genesys Press Release.