People, Culture and Innovation Combine to Create a Year of Success

Last week we celebrated the one-year anniversary of a combined Genesys—an evolution in joining two great companies.

As Genesys CEO Paul Segre wrote in his Genesys blog post, in such a short time we’ve come together as a unified company and made the most of every moment and opportunity. And all our teams have been moving at lightning speed in becoming a single Genesys.

Amid all the change, I looked at some of the old brochures and artifacts I’ve collected over the years and reflected on nearly 21 years at Genesys. And I asked myself, “Why am I still here?” There are three main reasons why I’m still here—our people, our culture, and our disruptive innovation.

The Genesys People

Over the decades, I have come across customers and colleagues who comment how genuinely nice Genesys team members are. That’s not by accident; every team member at Genesys roots for each other and for our customers.

When I first started in the professional services organization in 1997, I did not get any formal training. Rather, I learned from the colleagues I shadowed—the people in engineering who guided me on how to install a TServer and our care analysts who walked me through status updates so I knew my stuff when I met our customers.

We all had a common mission: Help our customers fix their issues—no matter what it took—even if that meant working through the night until 6 AM to bring up all servers before the morning shift started for our customers. Sometimes that also meant taking the extra time to mentor less-experienced team members to get them up-to-speed.

The same holds true today; with a combined 5,000-plus employees across the globe, we continue to collaborate and go the extra mile to help colleagues and to ensure we do right by our customers.

The Genesys Culture 

The late business management leader Peter Drucker famously said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Time and again, I’ve seen team members leave the company, only to come back a year or two later saying that nothing felt more like home than Genesys.

Genesys has built a unique culture—one that creates a sense of belonging and caring while fostering curiosity. When we merged with Interactive Intelligence, what enabled us to come together so quickly and relatively seamlessly was the underlying similarity in our cultures. Both companies genuinely care for each team member, recognize that everyone has something special to contribute to the success of the organization and celebrate curiosity to broaden skill sets across departments.

Moreover, we value the ability to create lasting relationships with our colleagues and customers. Doing so starts with a culture of caring, inclusivity and valuing diversity. It’s not easy to operate in 120 countries, but our Genesys culture strives to uphold these core values to make us one of the best places to work.

The Genesys Innovation

The speed of change over the last year came not only from merging two great companies, it also came from combining the forces of powerful technologies. It is amazing to see how far we’ve come—from simply a few products back in 1997 to an entire suite of solutions and capabilities to address customer business challenges.

We have always been curious; Genesys wants to see how we can impact and shape the industry. This speed of innovation has never slowed down.

In my professional services days, I loved implementing the 5.1 email option, chat or web callback. Today, these are the foundations for our omnichannel solution. When I shifted my focus from product implementations to product management I got a front-row seat to the evolution of many of our current solutions. About 10 years ago, I became interested in how products can be designed to create transformative experiences. This is when I had the privilege to design a comprehensive connected user experience into a single desktop workspace. This enables our customers to provide better experiences to their customers.

Our commitment and curiosity continue today. For example, Genesys cloud offerings, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and internet of things (IoT) technologies bring more intelligence to each experience and to each interaction for our customers and their consumers.

Change at Genesys happens at a fast pace. But you can always count on the same commitment to our people, culture and the curiosity to innovate—to help you deliver the best customer experiences.