Musa Hanhan

Musa is a driven experience designer and product strategist with a career spanning more than 20 years in the B2B technology industry. He has demonstrated leadership in the design and management of go-to market strategies of highly successful products. He has even pivoted unsuccessful products converting them into highly innovative and profitable solutions. Musa believes that bad customer experiences are toxic to our social fabric and so, he works hard to define the journeys that matter the most to customers to anticipate their needs and future challenges. He works tirelessly to obtain the right customer experience buy-in from executive management to save and engineer experiences that instill customer trust and loyalty. He has built the Genesys voice of the customer program by maturing the Net Promoter Score into a deeper customer feedback framework and system. His work was instrumental in increasing Genesys Customer Care NPS by 25 points in less than 11 months. He leads a team dedicated to leading-edge customer experience. Musa is a member of the Bain Loyalty Forum and holds certifications in service design and as a certified customer experience professional (CCXP).

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