Optimize Work, Life Balance to Improve Agent Performance and Your Bottom Line

Agents are under a lot of pressure to perform; they’re at the frontline—interacting with customers—so they’re primarily responsible for how your brand is perceived. But it’s hard to perform at your best under such pressures.

This doesn’t even take into account any non-work pressures they have. Not only do we ask agents to resolve contacts the first time, limit contact transfers to their colleagues and wrap up all contacts in an acceptable amount of time, but they also face external pressures—sick pets, home repairs, holiday plans, car repairs, social engagements.

I spend a lot of time discussing Genesys Employee Engagement solutions with businesses. Increasingly, HR departments and work councils ask me, “What’s in it for the employee?” Analyst quadrants showed a nomenclature shift from “workforce optimization” to “employee engagement” last year, and the Genesys suite of products is more focused than ever on not only meeting business goals but also understanding agents and helping them deal with all the pressures they face.

Our new mobile client exposes more features in a mobile browser; you can request time off or ask your colleagues if they’ll swap days with you from your phone—no matter where you’re located. The Performance DNA suite of tools eliminates the need for sweeping, generic training by zooming in on requirements for all agents. It then tailors training plans to their goals and service levels. Genesys Workforce Management lets us build in complex constraint layers to ensure that we maximize flexibility in a way that won’t compromise business performance while meeting the needs of the individual.

If we can meet our service targets and let an agent work half a day so she can meet her sister for coffee, everyone wins. We don’t simply want to please the work council, we want to thrill them. Deploying Workforce Management properly will improve every aspect of an agent’s work life.

Happy employees create stronger brands—and that leads to better financial performance. All Genesys products support this cycle of positivity.  Read more: 3 Ways Supervisors Can Improve Employee Engagement.