NPS Loyalty Forum: 5 Takeaways for 2016  

Last month we were honored to host the 2015 NPS Loyalty Forum in our Daly City headquarters. The event brought together 60 senior executives from over 30 Fortune 500 companies globally to discuss their top challenges and best practices to foster a customer-centric culture.

The NPS Loyalty Forum’s mission is to enhance the effectiveness of executives and their organizations by discovering the best NET PROMOTER SYSTEM℠ practices from across industries and national borders, facilitating a process and network within which members can learn, share, and enhance them.

In addition to demos and best practices discussions, Fred Reichheld, author of The Ultimate Question 2.0 interviewed Genesys CEO Paul Segre. Several Genesys leaders, including President Tom Eggemeier, Executive Vice President, Product and Solution Strategy Merijn te Booij, and Senior Vice President, Global Customer Success, Lucy Norris, participated in a panel discussion sharing the experiences of Genesys and our commitment to great CX.

Here are my five takeaways from the day and half of the NPS Loyalty Forum that you can look to implement in 2016:

Nurture Customer Engagement 

At its essence, customer engagement must be designed to solve your customers’ pain points. If you address those pain points, solving them at the first interaction, customers will remain loyal. This experience leads to loyalty and recommendation of you products and services to others, which is the core question for NPS.  But when looking at customer engagement, you need to think about more than just a single interaction. Your brand needs to manage the overall customer experience, which will be reflected in improved NPS score.

Sustained Behavior Change to Support NPS/VoC

It is vital to establish a set of behaviors that derive from an organizations’ mission and core values, otherwise the initiative will fizzle. Unifying employees under a broad system that becomes habit, focusing on handling customer and partner feedback in a timely manner, and putting the customer first allows for the growth of a successful customer-centric culture.  It takes time for these behaviors to settle into the norms of an organization, in addition to having it link to their mission and values.

Build Habit-Forming Products

Nir Eyal, author of Hooked spoke about his model to create products that consumers love to use, and thus become habitual. The model is based on four steps:

  1. Triggers, which can be external or internal emotions, guide to wanted behavior;
  2. Action, which is the behavior in anticipation of a reward;
  3. Reward, which scratches the user’s itch, and
  4. Investment for future rewards.

An example of this is that 79% of smartphone owners check their device within 15 minutes of waking up. As Nir puts it, “Face it, we are hooked.”

Cloud Offers Greater Customer and Employee Experiences

Although moving technology to the cloud creates perceived risk, there is greater reward when employees shift their focus to creating experiences that delight customers, and less time on building and maintaining platforms and systems. By targeting customer satisfaction, a customer-centric culture is established and leads to further successful customer experiences.

NPS System Impact on Your Organization 

Management must believe in and support the NPS System to show its impact and measure its benefit. At Genesys, we created a robust and transparent NPS System to allow all employees—both front-line and managers—to review results and feedback, and take immediate action. Depending on the specific situation, feedback is handled quickly, and in some cases, we take the time to ensure high-quality, effective responses. The system has been helping foster the right behaviors. NPS system is transforming Genesys culture to one based on innovation and the creation of products and services that focus on powering a greater customer experience.

Thank you everyone who attended the NPS Loyalty Forum. We at Genesys look forward to the continued conversations on how to improved customer loyalty and great customer experience.