My New Adventure as Part of the Genesys Marketing Team

I recently read that over 80% of people in the US today feel like “things are just out of control.”  It’s not surprising, actually, as we’re living through some extraordinary times. We have been simultaneously dealing with issues related to health, economy and societal inequities all in a span of the last few months. However, in the middle of all this, I couldn’t help but notice that many of us are discovering bonds with our loved ones like never before. At a time where division can seem like the new norm, people have come together in ways unimaginable until now. The passion and humanity that has been sparked worldwide is a moment in history most of us will never forget.

In the midst of all this, I never thought I would start a new job during a pandemic while working from home. I am still sitting at the same desk in my home office. While physically, nothing has changed, I am thrilled to be starting a new chapter in my journey with a company that wants to elevate how people connect. Genesys wants to bring a new level of humanity and empathy to customers when they engage with companies. Genesys believes that the customer experience should include not just solving their problems but making customers feel happier.

I joined Genesys because it shares my passion for finding new ways to bridge the traditional chasm between technology and humanity. And, with the latest cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technical advances, now is the time for us to move beyond traditional, transactional customer contacts and bring empathy to our customer connections. It’s ironic, but machine learning can help us feel more human to our customers.

When I first heard about the Genesys vision of Experience as a ServiceSM, it struck a chord with me. The commitment to reinvent how businesses around the world connect with their customers drew me to Genesys. Pulling together everything you know about the customer — and providing insights and personalization — felt like the level of intimacy all brands should want with their customers. This is a team that’s driving the industry forward and has the technical expertise to make this very big vision a reality.

This is such an exciting story to share from a marketing perspective. Genesys serves almost every industry you can imagine, and its technologies are used by companies that impact some of the most critical areas of our lives — where how customers feel matters.

Genesys has already had such great success as the fastest-growing cloud/Software as a Service omnichannel player in the industry. We’re uniquely positioned to continuously innovate and quickly let our strong base of customers put that innovation to work. I’m looking forward to engaging with our users on the customer journeys they aspire to deliver. And I’m inspired to see us building a community of brilliant companies working together to transform the customer experience.

The hope of what can be accomplished with the power of the Genesys customer base all expressing the cherished human emotion of empathy into how they engage with their customers is the Holy Grail. I believe that’s what is to come.

I can’t wait to jump in.