Memorable Summer Travels Begin with Exceptional Self-Service

Whether it’s exploring a favorite city, unwinding at a beach resort or adventuring to parts unknown, travel is all about the experience. With intense competition among airlines, hotels, online travel aggregators and others in the travel industry, the key to success includes delivering an exceptional self-service experience on every channel, throughout every stage of the customer journey.

Travel is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, with more than $1.6 trillion in bookings in 2017, according to Deloitte. In fact, it accounts for more than 10% of global gross domestic product. Robust consumer travel spending has fueled an influx of new providers vying to capture market share. This has led to increased competition, as well as downward pricing pressures. To exceed customer expectations and increase revenue, today’s most successful travel suppliers understand the need to do more than just their core competencies. And, a growing focus is now on providing an exceptional self-service experience.

Next Generation Self-Service

With the ever-increasing complexities of travel, customers are choosing travel providers that can deliver personalized, omnichannel self-service engagement across communication channels. They expect to be able to easily transition to an agent with full context when they have a more complex issue and want to be able to have seamless journeys wherever they may be in the world.

For providers that undergo a digital transformation to achieve this exceptional level of customer experience, there are measurable benefits to be gained. Along with being able to offer a differentiated customer experience that builds loyalty and market share, it also improves process and resource efficiency while reducing overhead costs.

Cleartrip: Streamlining Customer Experience with Self-Service Options

Cleartrip is a leading travel provider that has gained the benefits of undergoing a digital transformation to deliver a consistent, seamless customer experience. Providing comprehensive travel experiences throughout India and the Persian Gulf region, Cleartrip is a one-stop shop for their customers’ travel needs. With competition from a variety of other online travel portals that offer the same flights, hotels and other travel products, they consider the way they treat their customers as their primary competitive differentiator.

To simplify their customer experience, Cleartrip replaced their legacy, multi-system approach with the Genesys customer experience platform. This has enabled the company to consolidate their voice infrastructure on a single platform across four call centers. They deployed the Genesys self-service solution to deliver a faster and better self-service customer experience. Customers can cancel trips or learn about fees or refunds using the IVR. With 80% of eligible cancellations now handled through the IVR, Cleartrip has lowered call volume while empowering customers to handle simple tasks without speaking to an agent. These improvements directly impacted Cleartrip’s business, enabling them to achieve their ROI target of 90% within one year of going live.

“Not only is Genesys making customers’ lives better and simpler, they’re helping us set new goals in the customer service industry,” says Sameer Bagul, executive vice-president and head of Finance at Cleartrip. “With Genesys, nothing is impossible, and there are still so many things to explore.”

Where Can Your Customer Experience Take You?

The sky is the limit when you have the technology that enables you to connect and engage with your customers wherever their travels take them. Find out more about customizing your contact center with self-service capabilities to achieve new heights of success.