Making a Difference: One Home at a Time

At Genesys, our employees are empowered to make a difference in the community; we encourage our local teams to engage in activities to support the causes they care about.  Our Indianapolis Make a Difference team agreed that they’d like to contribute by inviting Habitat for Humanity to lead a home building project at our Indy office.

In Indiana, more than half of renters can’t afford even the lowest fair-market cost of a home. The thought of owning a house is literally a dream many will never realize. This project will allow our team to give a family a real home, offering stability for their children, a more safe and secure living environment, and a foundation which will help them see collateral improvements in health, career, and educational opportunities.

More than 200 Genesys team members gathered to build the outer panels of a new home that will be moved to its permanent location at the end of the build. The future homeowner, who was chosen upon completion of programs teaching financial independence, home maintenance, and upkeep, will be present and will participate in the build.

This event was scheduled in conjunction with “Indy Do Day,” a day for corporate teams to participate in community improvement activities across the greater Indianapolis area. Genesys is one of over 30 companies who are participating in activities that will benefit those in our local community.

We know making a difference can take many forms, so we offer employees paid volunteer hours to give back how and when they choose. When employees are empowered, and when they can find common interests and choose to give back together, they gain personal fulfillment and also form deeper connections within their teams and the community at large. At Genesys, we enjoy Making a Difference – every day.