Make the Jump to a Modern Customer Experience Platform

Comedian Henny Youngman once said, “If at first you don’t succeed… so much for skydiving.” The stakes are high, and there are undeniable risks. Taking that first step in a contact center migration can feel a little like an adrenaline-fueled jump out of an airplane. Yet, imagine if that leap to a new modern customer experience platform enabled you to fly and achieve new heights of success. It’s possible when you’re prepared and can execute with confidence.

Worth the Effort
If you’re considering a contact center migration, you’re not alone. Many companies want to accelerate the move away from older systems that limit their ability to stay competitive. Some might run their contact centers on end-of-support systems with skyrocketing maintenance costs. Others have a strategic imperative to transition from on-premises solutions to cloud to take advantage of the latest artificial intelligence (AI)-powered innovations like machine learning and predictive technologies to deliver intelligent automated experiences across any channel. Whatever the business driver, there’s a lot to gain from making the move.

With a successful migration, it becomes possible to deliver the amazing, effortless customer experiences that result in measurable benefits like improved customer and employee satisfaction, increased revenue and higher customer lifetime value. Often, these benefits come with improved operational performance and reduced TCO. And, with the right guide and proven experience, you can dramatically reduce migration risks to overcome those fears — and even enjoy the deliberately paced journey as you achieve the amazing.

See First-Hand What a Migration Looks Like
Skydiving isn’t a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of activity – no pun intended.  It requires extensive pre-jump preparation from a trusted guide to ensure your safety. And not unlike skydiving, contact center migrations also require expert direction and guidance to fully prepare for each phase and to achieve your specific business goals. So it’s important to partner with an experienced solution provider that not only knows what it takes but is there with you every step of the way.

Get Ready to Fly
Just like any journey, each contact center migration begins with a first step. And that first step can help you get up and running sooner, see business value faster, and reach new heights.

If you’re interested in or considering any type of contact center migration, join us at Xperience19 for the Genesys Migration Xperience — a memorable and exciting two-part breakout session.

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Then, you’ll see first-hand what a Genesys migration looks like. Whether you’re considering a move away from legacy technology or from on-premises to cloud, this immersive experience walks you through the migration journey with Genesys. You’ll learn how to prepare, what to expect and how our unique prescriptive methodology “walk/run/fly” approach is designed around your business goals. You’ll also see where you’ll gain significant value beyond just great technology. During the session, you’ll also engage in some interactive work and leave with a toolset to bring back to your organization’s stakeholders.

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