Elevating Customer Experience With Chatbots

Chatbots have found their place — across nearly every industry — in today’s customer experience. Not only can they lower costs, they also act as an important tool in meeting rising customer expectations and business demands. Yet, to maximize their benefits, chatbots need to intelligently fit into an overall strategy by addressing specific business needs and adding real value to customers.

Turning to Chatbots to Deliver Exceptional Service
As a leading supplier of business process outsourcing solutions, Bosch Service Solutions develops, implements and operates new and innovative business models. The company found a stable and global customer experience platform with Genesys to meet its needs for scalability, quality and performance. And it gained the advantage of fast, seamless integrations that make way for continuous growth.

To successfully manage rising volumes of interactions within many internal departments, Bosch turned to chatbots. The challenge was meeting each department’s unique needs, including the use of different artificial intelligence (AI) platforms, including IBM Watson and Google DialogFlow.

Using a single, open and flexible platform, Bosch integrated multiple Natural Language Understanding technologies and dynamically chose the best one based on the customer’s current journey. In fact, this was easy to deploy for each department — enabling them to seamlessly transition interactions to real, live agents , if needed.

Benefits for Customers and Business
The Bosch story is just one example of how companies can leverage chatbots for more than just automation. When they’re strategically used, chatbots elevate experiences and provide measurable gains for both business and customers.

Please join me and Torsten Moritz, Service Owner Communication Systems, Bosch Service Solutions, on May 29th for the best practices webinar, “5 things to consider when building chatbots.” You’ll hear how Bosch successfully leveraged the technology to provide exceptional service to both customers and internal departments.

You’ll also learn how to create a chatbot, use it correctly and understand:

  • Business drivers for chatbots
  • How they fit into your overall strategy
  • Lessons learned from bad bots
  • Where chatbots add immediate value

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