Leaders Share Innovation for the Next Era of Customer Experience

Next week at the Customer Response Summit, Execs In The Know will bring together service leaders from many of the largest global brands to advance the conversation on creating great customer experiences.  From past experience, it’s a very tight-knit group of CX leaders sharing best practices and ideas around omnichannel customer engagement across all channels and empowering employees to deliver great customer experiences.  This community is one of my favorites as the people are super-smart and passionate leaders who openly share their challenges, advice, and ideas –  it’s all about candid discussions and one-on-one engagement and networking.

As a Partner Advisory Board member for the Customer Response Summits on behalf of Genesys, I am excited to again join this group and will be leading an educational session with group brainstorming on “Journey Analytics and Effortless/Personal Keys for the Next Era of CX” at 11:00 am September 20th in room: Burnham / CC23.  The session will discuss how you can use journey analytics and new digital approaches to orchestrate an “outside in” customer journey that is more personal and predictive while reducing effort. We will also share best practice use cases where AI, bots, digital self-service, and humans can work hand-in-hand. Join us to discuss and learn about this new era of effortless, personal omnichannel CX where old and new emerging channels come together and robots and humans work as one.

I highly recommend brands who truly understand the importance of customer experience to their business success and survival attend join this group.  Execs In the Know is a well-respected organization people turn to for advice and it’s unlike other similar events in the CX industry due to the level of attendees and openness in communication.  In attendance will be leading financial services firms, retailers, healthcare companies, hi-tech firms, hospitality companies, and utilities from across North America – both traditional leaders but also some of the new disruptors changing business today.

A really awesome customer success story of using journey analytics is Sabre. In the travel technology industry, Sabre must consistently meet very high expectations from service-oriented companies to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Increasingly, this means being able to deliver deep knowledge, industry domain expertise, and technology expertise in a manner that is fast and reliable.

Watch the Sabre success story video: