Infographic: Imagine a Journey that Transforms You into a Customer Experience Expert

Blog Series: Rethink the Role of the Customer Experience Vendor (Part 2)

In my previous post about overcoming the monster that’s holding you back, I told a customer story featuring a villain, the Status Quo, who paralyzes people out of taking control of their customer experience (CX) delivery. What makes the Status Quo so dangerous is its ability to make you believe that there aren’t any alternatives, so diminishing its power means recalibrating your perception to hear through the noise. That’s what I aim to do with this blog series.

I want you to imagine a world where instead of transacting with a Vendor, you’re engaging with a Provider. Imagine that your contract comes standard with attention to every hurdle you’re likely to face. Imagine this includes a relationship with a trusted guide who works with you year after year to prevent failure. Imagine this guide has an actionable roadmap for transforming your people into CX professionals.

Sounds like science fiction, right? That’s exactly what the Status Quo would have you believe, but there’s an alternative to feeling abandoned by your technology vendor when you need them the most. Check out the webinar, Living the Cloud Life – On-Premises, to discover a new path to reducing effort and cost for your technology integration plan.

In the third blog for the series, I’ll tell you more about the three elements we combine to turn this science fiction into reality, but for now, I’d rather show you.