Imagine if… You could increase telesales by more than 50% by upgrading your contact center

Affin Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in Malaysia, provides a full suite of financial products and services that cater to both retail and corporate customers. To improve its customer experience and digitize banking services, Affin Bank migrated to the Genesys® PureEngageTM solution —  reducing its average abandon rate by 40%, lowering operational costs and becoming a leader of contact center technology in Malaysia.

Affin Bank was running outdated, legacy contact center systems with no omnichannel capability. The company struggled to measure KPIs and suffered from slow issue-resolution times — creating frustrated customers. It also lacked an end-to-end reporting capability to observe staff productivity and other analytics; no auto-dial capability meant that agents had to pick up the phone and dial in manually. The bank printed and distributed customer information in hard copy, which raised concerns about violating the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

Engaging Customers — When and Where It Counts

Affin Bank chose Genesys to replace its three separate legacy contact center platforms and realize its vision of omnichannel capabilities. As a result, it experienced dramatic progress across the board — from access to key analytics to overall productivity improvements. When the bank initiated its telemarketing team in October 2017, sales reached RM600,000 (Malaysian ringgits) with three telemarketers. However, after migrating to the single Genesys multichannel solution, sales volume rose to RM2.3 million with a team of five. Productivity grew from an average of 11 sales closed per month to an average of 26. And data provided by the Genesys omnichannel contact center solution lets Affin Bank identify the best time to call and close sales — by hour, day, week and month.

Real-Time Insights From AI and Machine Learning

Companies across the industry recognize customer experience to be a critical competitive differentiator. Real-time engagements can mean increased sales conversions — as Affin Bank has discovered.

The PureEngage solution leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the contact center to shape prospect and customer journeys. It provides real-time insights that can engage your customers at just the right moment and on the best channel — whether that’s with vouchers and other promotions or via email, chatbots or phone.

Machine learning predicts which prospects are most likely to buy, based on successful outcomes from previous customers. Then you can connect prospects to the best available salesperson. Your business will improve sales-lead volume and value as well as conversion rates. And you’ll get better visibility across buyers’ journeys and improved insights into prospects’ behavior — while lowering your cost of sales. In short, Genesys can help you acquire, grow and retain customers more effectively and optimize your sales team’s performance to close deals faster.

Genesys helped Affin Bank achieve impressive sales increases and improvements in staff productivity in its contact center. Imagine what it could do for you. Read this ebook to learn how AI and machine learning can enable you to drive more sales.