Affin Bank: Building an Elite Contact Center in 100 Days

Across every industry, companies are transitioning from being customer service and operations-centric to focusing on delivering exceptional customer experiences. With customer experience being today’s biggest competitive differentiator, replacing outdated technology that hinders customer journeys is a wise business decision.

For Affin Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in Malaysia, the goal of improving their customer experience required tackling the challenges of a complex, legacy contact center system that lacked omnichannel capabilities. Aiming to digitize all their banking services, the bank required a contact center solution that could turn their vision of omnichannel into a reality. And, they wanted to implement the solution fast. In fact, they wanted it up and running in only 100 days.

Genesys was up to the 100-day challenge.

“I gave my team and also the local Genesys team 100 days to implement this,” said Syed Faizal, Head of Digital Banking and Project Director at Affin Bank Berhad. “It was a challenge that I think no one would want to even take up. As far as I know, it has never been done before within 100 days. Both Affin Bank and Genesys were really up to par for that.”

Moving to a Single Platform
Affin Bank chose the Genesys® PureEngage™ platform to replace the three different contact center platforms that they had struggled to maintain. And the transformation would be divided into three different phases, beginning with the rapid deployment of the platform to immediately gain the advantage of omnichannel capabilities and improved analytics.

In only three-and-a-half months, the implementation was complete, and the bank now is focused on integrating new channels to meet their customers’ rising expectations for seamless digital engagement.

“Many banks in Malaysia have multichannel capabilities,” said Aminudin Zainodin, Head of Contact Center, Affin Bank Berhad. “But few have omnichannel capabilities where customers can begin their conversation through voice and end up on chat, for example. Whatever touchpoints the customer is contacting the bank on, they must be seamless.”

Early ROI
Since the deployment of the PureEngage platform, Affin Bank has gained some impressive results while lowering their operational costs. These include improving their tele-sales capability by 50% and reducing their average abandon rate by 40%.

Looking to the Future
With a digital roadmap to achieve the goal of offering 100% digital banking by 2020, Affin Bank is working daily to meet their goal. They now have the foundation in place to make it happen.

“Our long-term goal is definitely looking from the customer lens,” said Syed. “I think customer experience is a mainstay. It will be the key differentiator for any industry and become part and parcel of financial services.”

Learn more about how Affin Bank and Genesys successfully completed the 100-day challenge to build an omnichannel contact center. Watch the customer video.