Imagine if… Replacing your on-premises contact center increased revenue and improved CX

The mission of Yahoo! JAPAN is to leverage the power of the internet to address Japanese business issues. The company, formed in 1996 as a joint venture between the American company Yahoo! (now Altaba) and the Japanese firm SoftBank, is the top-ranked web brand in the country based on unique visitors. The company worked with Genesys to modernize its contact center with an all-in-one cloud solution that offers maximum security, flexibility and control — and elevates the customer experience. The project took just four months.

Supporting Business Goals With a Future-Proof Contact Center Platform

Before it started using the Genesys® PureConnectTM application, the Yahoo! JAPAN contact center and system management teams were completely siloed. That meant that the contact center team had to file a request whenever it needed to make a change. This made it difficult to run the business effectively or launch new services in a timely manner.

Two key goals for the new system were to maximize first-agent resolution and personalize the customer experience. That would, in turn, lead to an improvement in the overall customer experience and an increase in customer retention and loyalty. Implementing the Genesys product enabled Yahoo! JAPAN to consolidate its inbound, outbound, reporting, IVR and call recording capabilities onto a single platform. Further, the company could address additional business goals through the use of the optional features.

Yahoo! JAPAN is delighted with the performance improvements the new customer experience platform has delivered. Some of these contact center benefits include:

  • A 10% increase in average call response time
  • A six-day reduction in the time required for system changes
  • A reduction in new business account setup — from one month to one day
  • Increased productivity and fewer errors with outbound dialing

The depth of the reports Genesys provides out of the box dramatically reduce the amount of manual work that Yahoo! JAPAN teams have to do. As a result, they can focus on contact center agent data immediately, without having to spend time creating reports first.

And the Genesys Cloud platform gives Yahoo! JAPAN access to the latest technology and features, which has enabled it to address many of the issues it faced with its legacy system. Now, the company can take the right initiatives for the business and make changes as needed in real time, leading to an increased efficiency overall for everyone.

A Flexible Platform to Meet Your Evolving Needs

For today’s customers, good service isn’t simply nice to have — it’s essential. To deliver the experience that customers want takes a flexible and reliable contact center platform. With an all-in-one omnichannel contact center and communications solution, you can get the richest set of capabilities — built from the ground up — to ensure you’re operating with maximum reliability, flexibility and control. You can simplify management, reduce costs and respond quickly as your business needs evolve.

By upgrading to an all-in-one cloud engagement solution, Yahoo! JAPAN has accelerated business development and unified communications channels. The implementation has also provided new visibility into contact center performance. All of this resulted in increased revenue, improved customer service and greater agent efficiency. See what the Genesys Cloud can do for you.