The Hub of Customer Experience: Make it Easy on Yourself

Most of us think of a hub as a type of wheel into which spokes are inserted, a focal point. There are an endless number of them. Chicago is a railroad hub. Kitchens are hubs for many families. London is the world’s largest finance hub. In the case of businesses, contact centers are the hub of customer engagement: Inbound, outbound, voice and digital. All of these channels come together on the contact center desktop as the focal point of modern customer experience. It’s also the one place from which agents, supervisors and business users get everything they need—access to the full lifecycle of the customer journey.

This idea of the desktop as the hub of seamless customer experience is a driver behind the new release of PureConnect and the build-out of its web client.

“Webification” of the Desktop

The move to web-based apps with fewer interfaces has many advantages. Overall, it gives agents and supervisors a very similar view of customers. It simplifies customer interactions by conducting them in a single web browser. In addition, it streamlines much of the work IT does to keep the wheels turning.

  • Save Time with a Simplified Interface

For agents who use multiple tools to piece together a customer’s journey, any delay is too much delay when there’s a customer waiting for an answer. With the PureConnect web-based user interface, you can directly influence the customer experience with more real-time and interactive context at your fingertips.

Interaction Connect: Multi-channel agent view

Let’s look at a few key features. A new Interactive Scripter Integration lets you process outbound calls placed by the PureConnect intelligent dialer. You get information relevant to the call, the customer, and the campaign. And whatever data you collect or modify automatically routes back to database tables. With scripter now part of the main PureConnect application, there’s no need for agents to go elsewhere for scripting on outbound dialer calls.

Other time-saving admin updates include a more flexible queue control toolbar that lets you customize buttons with a simple right-click, and even add third-party sites or intranet tools. There are also big improvements to queues with better views, filtering and queue limits.

Interaction Connect: Workgroup and queue stats

All of these new user-friendly features are a direct result of Genesys ramping up investments in PureConnect as an all-in-one solution for premise and cloud.

  • Reduce the Risks of Deployment and Upgrades

Deploying and maintaining installed applications on the desktop has been time-consuming, risky, and fraught with slowdowns: Computers that were turned off couldn’t be updated; multiple time zones put more burden on IT; and desktops varied widely. This was especially problematic for critical security patches.

With this new release of PureConnect, simple, unified web-based application makes it easier for IT to deploy Genesys functionality onto all desktops. Let’s say you have a 500-agent contact center and it’s time to upgrade a major app for all 500 agents. In a best-case scenario for very advanced shops, IT creates a package to do the install. This might take 1-2 weeks, then another month to deploy the app across locations. Without those extra IT resources, it takes even longer.

With PureConnect web-based apps, upgrades and deployment are fast—even for machines that are turned off. What once took a month of work, now can be completed in a weekend.

One Interface Enhances the Customer Experience

Consider the wheel as the defining innovation of homo sapiens. It changed everything and accelerated our achievements as humans. Now look at the center of a wheel, the hub of the contact center that keeps businesses connected to customers. That hub is critical.

With the ongoing evolution of the PureConnect web-based user interface and other new features, it’s much easier to deploy, scale, and manage great customer experiences. Look for more updates coming soon and in the meantime, get familiar with PureConnect.

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