Guide Your Customer Experience Success with Prescriptive Use Cases

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” This quote from French writer Antoine de Saint Exupéry sums up the reality that many businesses face as they undergo customer experience transformations. With soaring customer expectations and rapidly evolving business needs, there is growing need to shift strategies and replace outdated infrastructure with new technology to drive specific business outcomes. Yet, turning wishes into achievable goals requires more than buying a new customer experience solution and hoping for the best. You need a plan built with a clear vision, proven best practices and guidance to successfully optimize and gain value from your new technology.

At Genesys, we believe that our role is far more than just being a traditional vendor. To be successful, it’s vital to have a strategic partner to help navigate your success. This begins with collaboration to build a tailored framework to guide your journey before, during and after deployment, leveraging prescriptive use cases as the building blocks.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Customer Experience Transformation
With the experience of thousands of deployments, we know a thing or two about what drives successful business outcomes. By bringing together our expertise in product, service and best practices, we have created Genesys use cases that offer clear “how to” guidance to achieve maximum and incremental business benefits. The Genesys use cases are well-defined designs for business and IT, easy to personalize and assemble and offer predictable and measurable outcomes, including:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced cost of operations and increased revenue
  • Accelerated deployment leading to a shorter time-to-value

Step 1: Discover the Possible
Realizing new incremental benefits is an easy four-step process that starts with uncovering your possibilities. We build personalized video clips that illustrate how great customer experience could look like for your company. It helps to define your customer experience vision and identify the focus areas for improvement in terms of revenue, efficiency and customer experience. Then together, we can establish your goals.

Step 2: Identify and Assess
Next, we’ll discuss your existing customer journeys and processes to begin developing the plan to achieve your vision. This includes identifying missed opportunities in creating incremental value by sharing proven best practices. Through this conversation, we will also assess your current customer experience maturity level, enabling you to co-create small and realistic business steps to rapidly increase your business outcomes.

Step 3: Shape Your Vision
It’s time to build your roadmap by determining the best solution to meet your business requirements and recommended steps supported by the documented flows of Genesys use cases. We will calculate the impact of these improvements and provide very concrete analysis of the benefits you will gain. Rapid prototyping will shortcut the traditionally extended amount of time it takes to gather requirements, so you can immediately see the solution you will get. Every step of the way, Genesys is by your side, ensuring you get the best customer experience out of your technology investment.

Step 4: Promise What We Can Deliver. Deliver What We Promise
With Genesys, you get more than just a vendor with a solution. You gain the advantage of a trusted Genesys advisor and a plan of action developed with tried and true use cases to guide you on the optimal path for your success. And then, your goal of customer experience transformation becomes much more than a wish, it become a reality.

Genesys use cases are now an inseparable piece of our new subscription path launched just this year.  Learn more about PureSuccess and the Genesys subscription model, both designed to enable you to get the most out of our customer experience solutions.