Genesys Top Blogs of 2016: Part 2

Previously, I posted part one of our greatest Genesys blog hits of 2016.  Part two of our list includes Genesys blog news, impact of employee engagement, the shift to omnichannel, text messaging tips, and even Pokémon-Go.

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Ushering in a New Era of Customer Experience

Genesys recently finalized the acquisition of Interactive Intelligence and this winning combination creates the largest innovation leader purely focused on exceptional customer experience. Find out what Paul Segre has to say about this exciting new era of at Genesys and in the customer experience industry. Read all the news in Segre’s blog. 

How Pokémon Go is Bridging Customer Engagement from Virtual to Reality

What did we learn from the Pokémon-Go phenomenon? With the help of Mewtwo, a hot new app player could experience a real-world adventure using augmented reality (AR). It personalizes and combines a virtual world with real life for a unique experience to catch, hunt, train, and evolve their Pokémon. It was a huge hit. From a customer experience perspective, the global popularity of Pokémon-Go is driving a conversation of how we game, use mobile devices, gain loyalty, and engage. Read how the global phenom has bridged the mobile and reality gap. 

Pokemon Customer Journey Blog

Making the Culture Shift to an Omnichannel Engagement Center

Successfully transforming your contact center into an omnichannel engagement center requires the right technologies to proactively and consistently manage customer interactions and journeys across all channels. Yet, it also means making a company-wide culture shift to support an omnichannel approach. Get insights on how to make this shift in this blog.

Diving into the Forrester Wave: Exceeding Expectations in Enterprise Contact Center

In October 2016, Forrester Research released two independent Forrester Wave™ reports to evaluate midsize and large CCIM vendors. In both reports, Genesys was recognized as a “Leader” with highest scores in the current offering category as well as in the omnichannel capabilities and reporting and analytics criteria, and the highest possible score in the CRM integration, user interface and third-party ecosystem criteria. Get the details in this two-part blog. 

The Olympics Has a Customer Experience Problem

Seems like the Summer Olympics was eons ago, but it was just a season ago. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) could take a few tips from today’s customer experience movement,
which has become a core tenet of modern business. The systemic application of its principles might be just what the IOC needs to keep that Olympic torch burning bright. When thinking about the Olympics, who exactly is IOC’s customer and what is the ideal customer journey? Find out in this gold medal blog.


Realizing the Economic Impact of Employee Engagement

Ensuring your contact center employees are fully engaged in their day-to-day jobs sounds like a very logical thing but it is often overlooked. Empowering your employees with the right tools, training, information and support to deliver great customer experience helps reduce absenteeism and improves retention. It can also benefit your bottom line. Learn more about the workforce optimization capabilities that can lead to a happy, engaged and productive  team in this blog,

Is the Average Handle Time Metric Dead?

Beware the old adage, you are what you measure. If your contact center is focused on agent performance using Average Handle Time (AHT) as the barometer, then your agents may prioritize speed of service over quality of service. Find out what solutions can provide you with better customer service tools as well as more comprehensive performance metrics. Read more here about this key metric for success. 

average hold times

Genesys AppFoundry: Fast-Track Your Customer Experience Innovation

If you had to explain the impact technology has on society, what are the first things that come to mind? You might say that technology lowers the barriers to entry into acquiring knowledge and disseminating information. For businesses, it creates new, more efficient, and less costly business models. With that in mind, we launched the Genesys AppFoundry, an online marketplace focused on customer experience (CX) solutions. Read this blog to find out more about our online marketplace.

Text-Enable Your 800 Numbers: Your Customers Will Thank You!

Did you know you can send a text message to a toll-free number? TETFNs (for Text-Enabled Toll-Free Numbers) are quickly becoming a desired way for companies to enable both inbound and outbound communications with their customers. Find out more about how SMS can enhance self-service capabilities.

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