Genesys Sponsor User Program Now Accepting New Members

One of the most important aspects of designing and developing digital products can also be one of the most challenging — connecting with the people who use them in meaningful ways. From small businesses to enterprise organizations, everyone touches digital products. Whether they’re business owners who make important decisions, truck drivers who make up the backbone of supply chains, financial advisors who help people navigate life-changing investments, or healthcare workers who have sacrificed so much for all of us over the past year. At Genesys, our vision is to create personalized experiences for people like this by deeply integrating empathy into every product and service we design and deliver.

As our CEO, Tony Bates said, “We know that when you drive personalized experiences that are more empathetic, it creates trust. Trust creates loyalty and loyalty creates lifetime value.”

Every day at Genesys, we move closer to creating lifetime value. And today we take another step toward our vision — the Genesys Sponsor User Program (SUP). This program is specifically designed to imbue empathy into Genesys experiences and help you provide Super Human Service.

What is the Sponsor User Program?

The Sponsor User Program is a panel of companies that are enthusiastic about participating in activities that will help Genesys evolve and shape the future of customer experience. The SUP is how our teams meet, understand, collaborate with and learn from the real people who experience our products and services. As the first company-level initiative to connect actual users with the teams that research, design and develop our products, the SUP brings companies into the Genesys Design Thinking process — creating opportunities for Sponsor Users to provide feedback to make fine-grained tweaks that level-up our existing features and get in early to shape the future of the customer experience industry.

Who are Sponsor Users?

Sponsor Users are real people who work in the customer experience industry. From agents and admins to professors and nurses, Sponsor Users are active experts who are willing and able to share their experiences — good or bad — throughout the design and development process. This goes from early ideation through the launching and use of a product across time. Their willingness to be honest and open is key to deconstructing empathy, which allows us to craft more meaningful experiences that solve real-world needs. Ultimately, Sponsor Users care about outcomes and have a vested interest in helping Genesys succeed in delivering lifetime value.

Why should companies join the SUP?

Companies should join the program to evolve their experiences to better fit their needs. At Genesys, while we know there’s no such thing as the perfect experience, we believe we can continually advance toward better, more personalized experiences through design and technology. To achieve such experiences, our teams need to work closely with Sponsor Users to ground our decision-making in what matters most to them. In doing so, we can continually move toward better, more personalized experiences.

Ultimately, companies that join will have the greatest influence on existing and future products and services. Joining is a way for companies to have a real impact on the experiences Genesys delivers every day.

SUP members will:

  • Earn rewards for participating through the Genesys Customer Advocacy Program
  • Engage in co-creation and information-rich activities, such as but not limited to:
    • 1:1 interviews, usability studies, onsite and remote studies or surveys
    • Becoming deeply involved in the design process through Design Thinking workshops
    • Viewing and sharing thoughts on demonstrations of works in progress and upcoming experiences
    • Reviewing and sharing feedback on our experience-based roadmaps
    • Accessing and sharing feedback on beta features and functionality before going public
  • Receive insights about what our teams learn from your company
  • Receive early previews of new features and experiences
  • Tell your side of the story with our teams in presentations to leadership
  • Become a virtual member of our project teams and have greater influence on product direction

Who can join the SUP?

The Sponsor User Program is currently open to Genesys CloudTM customers of any size — new or seasoned — in all geographic regions except Europe. The SUP will be open to Europe and non-customers soon.

Join customers like Company Nurse and shape the future of the customer experience industry.

“Over the past years, we have participated in many user experience collaboration discussions and meetings with the Genesys Product team. As a growing contact center, that is identifying new hurdles with that growth, the collaboration has been instrumental in our success. The Design Thinking Workshop stands out as the highlight of our collaborations. By empathizing with our agents and managers, the Design Thinking work group generated some amazing ideas that we can’t wait to see come to life.”

Cherri Lindquist​, Clinical Nurse Manager at Company Nurse

How does the program work?

The program is simple. The first step is to visit the SUP site to create a Customer Profile. Once the Customer Profile is complete, we’ll use that profile to best fit companies to User Research studies, Design Thinking workshops and more.

When a company is a match for an upcoming project, we’ll contact the designated company representative(s) to refer employees they think would be a good fit as Sponsor Users. Those Sponsor Users will complete a Sponsor User Profile. Researchers will contact those Sponsor Users if they match the criteria.

Every time Sponsor Users participate, they receive rewards through our partnership with the Genesys Customer Advocacy Program. Join the SUP today.