TJ Blanchflower

Director of User Experience (UX) Research

TJ Blanchflower is the Director of User Experience (UX) Research at Genesys. He has over 18 years of design and research experience working for boutique design consultancies, venture production studios and Fortune 50 companies. As a designer, his work has been showcased at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York City. As a researcher, his primary research has been featured in The Routledge Companion to Design Research. Prior to joining Genesys, TJ built and managed research teams in high-tech companies, such as IBM and ConsenSys. He received his Ph.D. in Design from North Carolina State University. In his current role, TJ leads the UX Research practice within Genesys Cloud, where his team facilitates the reduction of uncertainty by assisting product teams in meeting, understanding, and learning with people who use Genesys Cloud.

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