Creating New Value for Customers with Generative AI

Earlier this year, we shared our thoughts on generative artificial intelligence (AI) and the considerations we’re applying at Genesys to make this exciting innovation more secure for customers. Along with other forms of AI, we’ve been using this transformative technology over the years as we put together the foundation for Experience Orchestration and in developing and evolving capabilities across our product portfolio.

Today, we’re excited to extend AI-enabled content generation with the launch of auto-summarization – a new capability within the Genesys Cloud™ Agent Assist solution using generative AI.

Using the power of Large Language Models (LLMs), auto-summarization provides automatically generated summaries for agents to speed up their work following a voice or digital interaction. This new capability can preserve valuable insight — quickly and accurately — while delivering a new way to enhance service quality, track history, save time and ensure adhere to compliance requirements.

In a recent survey of Genesys customers, we’ve found that most contact center agents can spend up to 3 minutes typing and editing notes from customer conversations. With Genesys Agent Assist auto-summarization, we’ve found that this can be reduced to about 10 seconds in some cases. That’s valuable time your employees could spend helping another customer or decompressing between tasks.

Additionally, standardizing conversation reporting can provide more consistency in capturing post-interaction data, which can be mined for insights using Genesys speech and text analytics. Through these insights, you can easily uncover patterns and determine what drives customer behaviors to help inform future interactions. To ensure quality, employees can review and approve this content before making it a part of the customer’s interaction record.

Balancing Innovation and Safety in AI

At Genesys, we use a customer-centric approach when applying generative AI to drive your customer experiences and help safeguard its use. Our intent is to ensure our solutions respond to your ongoing needs; adhere to strict standards for data, including how it’s sourced and used; and offer predictability, quality and speed in responses; as well as other considerations.

We’ll continue to take a thoughtful approach — striking a balance between innovation and safety — as we explore more ways to enable you to deliver incredible experiences powered by transformative AI technologies.

You can try auto-summarization within Genesys Cloud Agent Assist through the Genesys AppFoundry® Marketplace. And you can learn more about Agent Assist online.