Call Center Technology Should Take a Lesson From the Three Musketeers

There’s a well-known line from Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers that states, “Un pour tous, tous pour un.” This translates to “One for all, all for one.” And this phrase kept popping up in my mind as I thought about Software as a Service (SaaS) technology. Without exception, an all-in-one approach far outshines any group of standalone applications. And with call center technology, an all-in-one approach pays big dividends.

Throughout my tenure in the contact center industry, I’ve heard people boast about best-of-breed solutions that are superior in functionality. I would counter that, more often than not, the costs of a standalone solution — which involves custom integrations, multiple applications that agents must toggle between, dealing with multiple vendors, separate provisioning, different reports, etc., — far outweighs the incremental gains of an all-in-one solution.

Eliminate Communication Silos

When collaboration and your business phone systems are already included, it’s easy to break down organizational silos using chat, video and calls throughout your company. And when you blend unified communications and collaboration with all-in-one call center software, your entire organization can support one another — and your customers.

Extend Capabilities With Third-Party Applications

If you want to add that next level of functionality that’s specific to your vertical — or add in gamification — the Genesys AppFoundry Marketplace has a third-party application that’s designed for your industry or business need. Browse our catalog of nearly 300 custom integrations to make your contact center application exactly what you need.

 Lower TCO

Streamline and improve your contact center — without disrupting existing systems, dealing with upgrade issues, or battling obscure settings and impenetrable outside service dependencies. The Genesys® PureCloud® application is designed so you and your agents can take full advantage of their power — without the cost and frustration of outside teams or developers to manage it. With an all-in-one approach you can:

  • Easily add new channels because everything is pre-integrated in one system
  • Eliminate complexity, cost and delay associated with having to maintain and upgrade multiple best-of-breed applications — for contact center and business communications
  • Simplify administration and lowers your TCO

Choose Your Time-to-Value

Adopting a new contact center solution doesn’t have to be grueling or time-consuming. While it can seem daunting to change processes that can affect so many areas of your company, the PureCloud all-in-one call center software lets you more easily update your system on your schedule. Deploy all at once, or slowly phase-in new applications and services.

Once enabled, flexible call center technology helps you manage daily changes — updates to your product and service, sales fluctuations and even the unexpected PR volume spike. And when you’re ready to add a new channel, simply click to turn it on.

Standards-Based, Open APIs

Embrace an open architecture. The PureCloud call center solution is built on an open, standards-based architecture that allows it to integrate with thousands of other systems. If you already have an agent scheduling application that you want to keep, it’s not a problem. The easy integration protects your existing investments.

Alexandre Dumas was hardly thinking contact center technology when he penned The Three Musketeers, but that doesn’t mean his advice isn’t sound. Streamlining makes sense for a lot of organizations, particularly those with limited IT or admin resources in the contact center. For a deeper look at the PureCloud product and what it’s all-in-one capabilities can do for you, click here.