Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Uses PureCloud for Better CX

Cooking a turkey can be an anxiety-inducing task for novice and experienced Thanksgiving chefs alike. Not only is the size of the bird daunting, things heat up when you factor in family expectations and having to juggle the preparation of multiple dishes. Whether you’re cooking your first holiday meal or you’re a seasoned culinary pro, questions abound when it comes to defrosting, stuffing, trussing and roasting a turkey. Thank goodness for the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line™.

Serving Expert Turkey Advice in the Cloud
Since 1981, Butterball has staffed their Turkey Talk-Line with experts ready to answer even the most challenging of turkey-related questions. The free service has become the go-to hotline for holiday cooks who want to wow their guests with a bird that looks and tastes perfect. To ensure that the 100,000 inquiries expected this year are answered efficiently and thoroughly, Butterball recently deployed the Genesys® PureCloud® platform.

PureCloud Delivers the Recipe for Success
Butterball chose the scalable PureCloud solution to enable their 50 Turkey Talk-Line experts and 35 consumer affairs agents in two contact centers to assist consumers during the seasonal spike. With the challenges of basting a bird while mashing potatoes, stirring gravy and entertaining guests, callers will appreciate the benefits of the cloud-based system, including new self-service features. The recently introduced callback function also means that callers can get back to cooking instead of waiting on hold.

Butterball replaced their legacy system with the PureCloud platform for a variety of reasons. The platform deploys quickly, allows immediate flexing of agents up and down for holidays, and has an intuitive user interface to help support agent success. The solution was integrated with their existing CRS system used for digital channels, including chat, text and email. And with seamless integration, Butterball has launched a screen-pop feature to automatically register callers’ numbers in the CRS contact database to instantly identify new, repeat and frequent callers. In other words, PureCloud is helping to make the holiday cooking experience a little bit easier for multitasking cooks in the kitchen.

A Cornucopia of Analytics
The new system also provides Butterball with better data reporting to analyze and reduce call abandonment rates and enhance the performance of their Talk-Line experts. Each expert receives personal call statistics to offer motivating feedback. And supervisors or coaches can listen in on calls and even text answers to experts to make interactions even more satisfying in real-time. Data also is collected during every interaction for historical purposes to provide valuable insights for the Butterball marketing team.

Cooking Up Ongoing Improvements
Along with the improvements their customers will enjoy this holiday season, Butterball plans to add more functions to continuously keep up with evolving expectations. Because the PureCloud solution is flexible, open and built for rapid innovation, Butterball is well-positioned to stay one step ahead of their customers’ needs for many years to come.