Bringing Your Website and Sales Engagement Up to Speed with AI

Website interactions have come a long way from when I was crowned with the honorable title of “webmaster” years ago. They’ve transitioned from raw text pages to text with graphics and then to animated gifs. The introduction of JavaScript brought even more life to a largely read-only experience, further extending interactivity and giving websites the ability to offer real-time responses to consumer behavior or provide mildly customized experiences. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next step in consumer communication—and it offers magnitudes beyond the waning experiences of standard websites.

You likely created a website to communicate with prospective and existing customers. I used to say that websites were your 24/7 digital personas. But the real intent is to bring a browsing consumer to a conclusion – a sale or conversion. Even your WordPress blog of cat pictures was published to engender a conclusion of affinity with a consumer, followed by hopes of an RSS subscription—a closed deal. The problem is: We’re still shaping our customer journeys through non-intelligent interactions instead of leveraging a sales engagement platform.

Now, technology like artificial intelligence (AI) leverages machine learning so you can learn how your consumers interact with your website, and that automates the creation of persona behaviors. After a little configuration, you can identify successful—and unsuccessful—customer journey behaviors. For example, if a consumer is browsing your website and decides to leave, a chat window can pop up asking “how I can help you?” Or if they put items in their cart and then start to abandon their cart, an offer can pop up with a discount if they purchase now. You can set up these types of alerts and offers according to customer behaviors and how a consumer interacts with your once-static website. This creates a new type of living web experience and for it can increases revenue and conversions.

You can leverage an automated chat window (bot or live agent) to explore the needs of the customer. The customer can be routed from a bot to a live agent who can use multiple channels (based on the customer preferences) to communicate with the customer. This creates a unique moment in which the customer only needs to be reached at the right time to help them find their product on your website and complete the purchase.

Customer Interaction the Genesys Altocloud Way

AI technology unlocks a new type of experience for business-to-business-orientated websites. Consider most chat applications. In those scenarios, you need a live agent on queue who’s ready for a customer to initiate an interaction from the customer’s perspective.

The business-customer interaction is proactively initiated by the business. And this is a whole new experience because it came through a website interaction.  Genesys Altocloud provides your sales and marketing team a way to convert more leads by engaging the customer at the right moment. To learn more about sales engagement, check out the Winter Innovations Guide of how new technology can help you increase revenue and conversions on your website.