Better Together: The Path to Equity

The path to equity is unique to each person and company. There’s a seemingly endless list of reasons why we start and stay on the path. And each of us comes to the path through different journeys. Today, I’ll share my reasons and hope to hear yours as well.

Genesys formally built its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) office in 2020. And I joined at the end of the year as a Global DEI Leader, focused on talent acquisition and retention. Joining Genesys is one of the wisest and most meaningful decisions of my career. On the heels of arguably one of the most arduous years for the entire world, and at the time of a collective awakening to persistent social injustice, Genesys was a bright light and created a sense of hope for me.

For decades, Genesys has delivered best-in-class products and services, been a market and category leader, and enjoyed positive ratings and rave reviews from both employees and customers. The more I learned about Genesys, the more I wanted to know about and be a part of this new DEI office. I wanted to lead the efforts to do even more for Genesys customers and its team. I wanted to be a part of building the framework to take Genesys to the next phase of growth — one where diversity, equity and inclusion are top-of-mind in all decisions and are built into the DNA.

In my short time here, I can see a clear path to successfully building and growing the inaugural diversity function at Genesys. This clarity is derived from the eager people of Genesys and the dedicated resources behind our DEI office. Our CEO, Tony Bates is a vocal, committed advocate for diversity and plays a key role in our path to equity every day.

My Journey to the Path

My life experiences as a tri-racial woman from humble beginnings have deeply shaped me. From early childhood, I saw and felt the impact of overt racism and gender inequalities bolstered by systems of inequity that affect access to income, education, housing and healthcare. Those experiences fuel my passion and my dedication to work for justice, equity, inclusion and equality for all people — in all things.

My fervent and primary beliefs in our generations’ path are centered around the oneness of purpose that public and private businesses of any ilk must steadfastly hold to increase race and gender representation in technology, namely at the executive level, and create income equality.

The current owners of these systems and structures must work toward removing systematic and systemic inequities to break down equity barriers that were built well before our time, were designed to be unmovable, and were created to unapologetically uphold the status quo. While legislation certainly has a place in ensuring representation and economic justice, the level of change that’s urgently required today won’t come from legislation. Business leaders with the bravery and sense of purpose must do this work.

My team and I openly discuss the reality: This work isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires the willingness, skill and nuance to navigate the choppy waters of systemic change. Business owners and leaders hold the power; they must look at key fundamentals of their people practices and be willing to prioritize necessary adjustments.

Finding Your Path

There are many paths to equity — and each begins with a wide-eyed look inward and a willingness to adjust. I see this examination and willingness every day at Genesys. We aren’t perfect, nor is any company that has made progress and is an example. We have work to do and are creating the space to do it.

We’re determined and we seek to be an example. We want to be known as a contributor in this collective journey toward diversity, equity and inclusion. Being part of the fabric of a company like Genesys and creating tangible building blocks for equity are reasons why I’ve done this work — and why I’ll continue. The collective efforts of the Genesys team are integral parts of its path to equity — just as Genesys is a significant part of my path to equity.

Join Us on This Path

What are your whys? What does your path look like? And how are you challenging yourself to contribute to our collective journey on the path to equity?

There are endless ways you can challenge and contribute — from small and often unseen acts, like being the voice for all even when they aren’t at the table, to measurable and public commitments to structural change in your business, to educating yourself and ensuring you have a current and clear-eye picture of the social injustice and inequities that persist. There’s no single way to do DEI work. It looks different for each of us and at every organization.

There is, however, one thread that’s woven through all DEI work — the unwavering and deliberate awareness and commitment we must make every single day to prioritize this work. I invite you to join in this discussion and share your path to equity.

In his blog, Eric Thomas, Chief Diversity Officer at Genesys, offers some inspiration for your journey. If this resonates with you, please check out our open roles. You might be the person we need to move us even further on our path to equity.