Are You Investing in Employee Success?

When was the last time you had a memorable customer experience? Now… when was the last time you had a memorable customer experience for the right reasons?

If you are lucky enough to have experienced one, chances are that it was an experience that met or surpassed your expectations and was delivered by an employee that you felt cared about what you were trying to achieve. It likely was an experience delivered by an employee that you felt was completely engaged.

There is a lot of compelling evidence that links higher levels of employee engagement to improve key business metrics, such as customer experience, operational excellence, and reduced overall cost.

Why Invest in Employee Success?

Investing in employee success has delivered significant results for many businesses:

  • 10% reduction in repeat calls (equivalent to £3 million in annual savings)
  • 20% sales increase
  • Improved NPS from 14 to 52 for new agents

Additional proof, should you need it, that investing in your employees, supporting their growth and fostering engagement, is far from altruistic and offers an impressive, tangible ROI as well as significant improvement in customer experience. Learn from Telenor for example, by reading the full case study here.

Many businesses agree that employee engagement is important:

However, there’s is a perceived gap in actual employee engagement:

That’s a dichotomy that should be simple enough to correct, but, in a fast-moving, high-volume, omnichannel world, it can be much harder than you think:

  • Identifying employees who represent a true “balanced scorecard” of high performance as well as agents who can deliver exceptional customer experiences and profitable business outcomes at the lowest overall cost often requires access to a blend of internal and external data sources.
  • After identifying those high performers, how do you then pinpoint what makes them so successful
  • How can you replicate the skills and knowledge that your high performers use successfully and then turn those skills into training materials that are customized to fit the varying needs of individual employees?

These considerations, coupled with the typically high attrition that contact centers experience, mean that delivering the right training to the right employee at the right time to create empowerment and engagement, can feel an insurmountable task.

Intelligence, Action, and Empowerment

The ability to develop intelligence from diverse sources of structured and unstructured data sits at the heart of Genesys Performance DNA, as does being able to correlate and analyze employee skills and knowledge that are linked to individual, team and overall business success.

You can then use this intelligence to craft individualized training materials and delivery plans that help each employee be the best they can be. And empowering and supporting people to help them improve and achieve their goals, delivers the right sort of intrinsic motivation that drives sustainable employee engagement.

The final step is to route your customer to the employee that is best equipped to handle the query. Not only does this empower your teams to be the CEO of that customer’s journey, it also positively affects business metrics such as NPS, average revenue per user and first-contact resolution.

On June 21, I presented a webinar on this very topic with my colleague Amanda Westwood. We offered a lot of insights into how to deliver business value and how to achieve that value using Genesys Performance DNA. To learn more, watch the replay of the webinar, Empower Your Team To Be The CEO Of The Customer Journey.