4 Ways to Wow Your Customers With Great Customer Service

Quick – name your favorite company or brand! Perhaps it’s a quality product or a consistently high level of customer service that keeps you going back again and again. Chances are, they like you too! Do they offer you personalized service? You bet. These are the companies that get it right – knowing the importance of building long-lasting customer loyalty through positive customer experiences.

Wow Your Customers!

With the advent of the cloud, virtualized contact centers, enabled by solutions like Genesys Premier Edition, now offer the level of functionality needed for small to medium businesses, providing a platform for optimal customer experiences that are consistent, seamless and personalized across all touchpoints, channels and interactions.

Here are four ways you can leverage a virtualized contact center to delight your premium or best customers, and keep them coming back for more:

1. Prioritize Your Most Valuable Customers – Not all customers are created equal. For most businesses, 20% of your customers drive 80% of your overall sales. Identifying when your most valuable customers (top 20%) are contacting you, and giving them the priority they deserve, is key to ensuring exceptional customer loyalty and satisfaction. Auto-identification of premium caller ids with appropriate routing strategies is well worth the extra effort. As shown in a recent study, companies who can raise their overall customer satisfaction, or Net Promoter Score (NPS), by just 12 points have shown to double their overall revenue. WOW!

2. Route to the Right Agent the First Time Are you still routing customers on a first-come, first-serve basis? Or, are you intelligently routing calls based on the known history of the caller? Cloud-based contact centers like Genesys Premier Edition can accurately determine which agent(s) are best suited to take the call, by matching the right agent with the appropriate skill-set the first time. This is achieved by collecting information from the caller before transferring them to an agent. The benefit here is that the agent now understands the lifetime value of that customer, the value of the last sale, and products and services already owned, which provides context and helps to personalize and deliver a consistent, seamless experience.

3. Anticipate Customer Needs This scenario may sound familiar − the customer calls in, they listen to the entire generic IVR option menu in order to determine which number to press, and then wait to hopefully get to an agent who can provide them with a simple answer (i.e., When will their order will arrive?). Imagine identifying at the outset of the call who the customer is and whether they have recently placed an order. If they answered yes, you can preempt the generic IVR menu with a personalized customer service greeting, provide an update on their recent order and when they can expect to receive it. Customers will appreciate the quick exchange of information and leave with a positive customer experience.

4. Eliminate Repeated Information Requests – No one likes to repeat themselves. This irritates customers and frustrates them by the time they reach an agent. One problem that plagues contact centers is when an IVR or even live agents repeatedly ask callers for the same information over and over. By using a contact center platform that provides verified screen-pop information to the agent prior to taking the call, the agent does not need to ask the caller to repeat the same information a second or third time. By combining a reduction in repeat questions with delivering them to the right agent, and providing the caller history at the agent’s desktop, your company has a much better chance of quickly and effectively servicing that customer, potentially turning a bad situation around with an opportunity to exceed expectations.

Want to learn more? See the Genesys and TMCnet webinar titled, Customer Experience with the Wow Factor! We’ll show you how to wow your top customers and stay ahead of your competition to achieve end-to-end visibility with best-in-class contact center functionality that delivers consistent, seamless and personalized customer experiences.