3 Reasons Location Tech Should Be A Top Priority

At this moment, there are more mobile devices on earth than people and cellphone-only households in the U.S. outnumber those with both landlines and cellphones. This paradigm shift toward mobile device technology has elevated the importance of location-based services (LBS) for the contact center industry. LBS can improve customer experiences, generate cost-savings, optimize engagements and more. To embrace this shift, Genesys has partnered with LocationSmart to deliver a game-changing solution for contact centers by automatically adding caller location context to customer engagement experiences.

LocationSmart, the world’s largest Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) company, enables device location awareness for enterprise and consumer applications via its cloud-based platform.

In this blog post, we provide 3 reasons LBS should be a top priority for your business.

1) LBS improve agent productivity

Contact centers use LBS to streamline a number of vital processes for agents so they can focus on providing exceptional customer service. By automatically adding caller location context, agents are no longer required to ask for the location of callers so average handle time decreases, human error is minimized, dispatches to the wrong location are eliminated and proximity or store locator services are now automated.

LBS also facilitate location-based call routing so agents can use geographic location as a qualifier to more effectively direct calls to regional or local answering points. This location qualifier is incredibly useful for priority call queuing during emergency or high-volume situations.

2) LBS enhance customer experiences

By automating caller location with LBS, contact centers can reach resolutions faster and better address customer inquiries. Callers are quickly connected with an agent at the nearest contact center office and the agent already knows their approximate location as this could be imperative to resolve the current issue. Furthermore, LBS allow agents to easily report real-time status updates or ETAs, execute follow-up procedures and more. These are critical for dispatched services and roadside assistance use cases.

Another benefit of LBS technology is the flexibility. LBS can be integrated into a variety of engagement methods so location context is available regardless of how customers choose to interact with agents. It can be integrated into voice, email, chat, social media, text and more, empowering contact centers to provide exceptional omnichannel experiences.

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3) LBS capitalize on big data

LBS provide contextual location data that contact centers can use to evaluate and streamline internal processes and improve customer relationships. Contact centers receive an additional layer of insight into call patterns and workflow management that can be influential when reviewing current procedures or testing new activities. Location data is also commonly used by contact centers for audits and compliance.

Contact centers can aggregate data based on caller location to compile more comprehensive engagement insights. Additionally, contextual location information can be added to a customer’s service history for future reference and some businesses incorporate it into loyalty programs or advertising initiatives.

What does LocationSmart do for contact centers?

LocationSmart provides contact centers with cross-carrier mobile network location, IP location and messaging services. Its platform is cloud-based so there are no software or app downloads required for integration. The platform can be implemented in the beginning stages of development or it can be integrated into existing voice programs.

LocationSmart can be integrated as a complement to Genesys and this combination is a disruptive force for the contact center industry.

Where can I learn more?

Register for this month’s on-demand Genesys AppFoundry and enter a question for the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Please visit the LocationSmart profile on the Genesys AppFoundry and download our contact center informational collateral.

This blog post was co-authored by Mario Proietti. Mario Proietti is the co-founder and CEO of LocationSmart, provider of the world’s largest mobile engagement platform for assets, workers and consumers. In his capacity as CEO, Mario has overseen the establishment of LocationSmart as an industry leader in location-based services as a supplier of infrastructure to wireless carriers and cloud-based services to enterprises. He is a member of the CTIA Privacy Working Group and IAPP. Mario is also on the Editorial Advisory Board of GPS World Magazine and was a founding chairman of the Wireless Network Issues Committee of the E9-1-1 Institute.