3 Keys for Improving Back Office Efficiency and NPS

Many organizations are exploring ways to increase their Net Promoter Scores (NPS) through the concept called ‘Journey Mapping’.

The idea is to understand what steps the customers go through to get their problem resolved or their questions answered, and during these various stages and interactions, understand where the Customer Experience might be broken and negatively impact NPS.

The Customer Experience is build over multiple touch points and interactions with your organization, and the back office, or ‘offline tasks’ and business processes are no exception. However, in many organizations this part of the customer journey is unmanaged. Typically, the back office suffers in three key areas that negatively impact NPS:

  • Visibility – There is limited data available about the number of tasks, their handle time, and overall employee performance
  • Variability – There are different task types to be handled, each with specific skill requirements and varying handle times
  • Volume – When there is lack of information available, it’s hard to predict changes in task volume

The result is a Customer Experience disconnect between the front office that is typically well organized and knows how to deliver on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and the unmanaged back office. Another area that is overlooked, but is greatly impacted is employee morale.

In the front office, employees have systems that help them prioritize tasks but in the back office they are expected to manually search for and select tasks.

This manual process causes frustration and feelings of being less productive, which can hurt morale and Customer Experience. Some back offices however, have a level of automation to assign work to people but often they lack the sophistication to make sure the right employee is assigned the right task at the right time.

Only when you implement an Enterprise Workload Management solution that is integrated with the contact center solution can you offer a consistent Customer Experience to your customers, boosting NPS, employee morale, and efficiency at the same time. Enterprise Workload Management will:

  • Provide detailed management information on task SLAs
  • Assign tasks based on employee skills in real time
  • Optimize the match between tasks and people by offering knowledge assessments
  • Improve your Net Promoter Scores