10 Most-Read Blogs in 2020

As we enter 2021, we are reflecting on what we’ve learned from a year that has been dubbed “one to remember.” In 2020, the Genesys blog covered a lot of ground — from cloud contact center migrations to omnichannel strategy creation to artificial intelligence (AI). Here’s a recap of 10 articles that resonated with readers in 2020.

Staying Competitive with a Cloud Contact Center
Cloud allows companies of all sizes and verticals to personalize customer experiences, gain access to data and analytics that improve the customer journey, and enhance the employee experience. In this blog, you’ll read a cloud migration success story about how Genesys customer ATB Financial migrated its entire contact center infrastructure to the cloud in six months.

How to Create an Omnichannel Customer Service Strategy
Creating an omnichannel customer service strategy can seem like an enormous task. But with the right plan, it doesn’t have to be. This blog outlines the essential steps for creating an omnichannel technology strategy that lets your business outperform your competition — and increase your bottom line.

Provide Better Customer Care with AI
AI continues to evolve, and all industries and regions are experiencing its impact. Every day, more companies are leaning into AI as a powerful business tool. What potential does AI have for your contact center? Here are some ways AI can help your business.

Building the Best Machine for the Race to the Cloud
The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to shift rapidly and equip their employees to work from home. But not all companies were prepared to pivot to the cloud. That’s where the Genesys CloudTM platform made its mark. This blog shares details on how our cloud contact center solution can put the pedal to the metal to help you provide a great customer experience.

Top Trends That Bring AI and Digital to Life
Businesses have a heightened focus on delivering services to customers in new and improved ways And that includes implementing digital and AI, as well as making data AI-ready. Dig deeper into four trends driving the push for AI and digital in this blog.

Workforce Engagement Solves Old Problems in New Ways
In this post, Cameron Smith, Genesys VP of Product Management, offers his take on what’s new in the world of employee engagement. Cam also talks about the future of workforce engagement management (WEM) applications — and how workforce engagement affects consumers and employees.

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and The Truth About AI
In technology, sorting through what’s good, bad and just plain ugly is a demanding, but critical, piece of the purchasing process. This blog offers insight into all aspects of using AI in the contact center and outlines key features in Genesys Dialog Engine.

Four Blending Methods for the Omnichannel Contact Center
When defining a modern, omnichannel customer experience, it’s critical to know next steps. In this blog, you’ll get considerations for choosing an omnichannel blending technique.

Four Reasons to Move to an Integrated WEM Suite
While many companies use multiple vendors to achieve a holistic approach to WEM, studies show companies prefer an integrated solution from a single vendor. Here are four reasons you should move to an integrated WEM solution.

Why Omnichannel and Customer Experience Go Hand-in-Hand
True omnichannel acts on cross-channel context to deliver a personalized customer experience. It provides a meaningful experience as you engage in your customers’ journeys intelligently across time and channels to achieve results. These omnichannel capabilities power efficient engagement — and that’s a win-win for good customer experience. This blog explains more.

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