Chris Connolly

Vice President of Product Marketing


As VP of Product Marketing, Chris leads the global team responsible for defining and promoting software technologies is responsible for galvanizing development efforts to keep Genesys ahead of the technology curve in the areas of emerging AI, Sales and Marketing and Workforce Engagement Management. His experience working for major players in banking, telecommunications and government, in-depth customer experience knowledge, and his voice and digital platform implementation expertise, has made him one of our most sought after strategic advisors. Chris has provided strategic advice to companies in North America, South America and the Asia-Pacific region with a focus on delivering innovative solutions for financial services and retail organizations. With previous experience working for multi-national solution integrators, leaders in retail and business banking and experience working in start-up and consultancies, Chris brings a wealth of practical knowledge and hands-on experience to Genesys that allows him to quickly ascertain an organization or program’s key challenges in organizations both large and small. Chris is an industry thought leader and has been quoted in several recent publications due to his industry expertise. He also has three patents pending, related to the online customer experience, interactions in retail stores, and multi-tenant based analytics for contact centers.

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