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What’s next in WEM?

Workforce engagement management partner webinar

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Over the past year, Genesys Cloud WEM has evolved with over 101 new capabilities with a focus to personalize and engage the employee experience for contact center employees and leveraging automation and AI to modernize the experience. This session will focus on the WEM disciplines and the new capabilities that will streamline the processes for your customers.

  • Genesys Cloud WEM Quality Assurance and Compliance reduces the friction of subjectivity and bias in the evaluation quality process while leveraging automation
  • Resource Management is all about creating flexible work schedules that take into account the new ways of working while delivering on customer expectations
  • Employee Performance and Development, is about providing transparency to employees about the expectations of their performance versus business goals. It is also about gamifying the experience so its engaging in driving both learning and development

The platform includes the following capabilities:

  • Onboarding 
  • Learning and training  
  • Workforce management 
  • Performance management 
  • Gamification 
  • Coaching 

What does this mean for our partners?

As a Genesys partner you can now serve up Genesys Cloud WEM (workforce engagement management) capabilities to customers on non-Genesys platforms. Come join this session as we discuss: 

  • How to position Genesys Cloud WEM
  • Share the tools and resources available to Genesys partners 
  • Updates on key WEM roadmap items in FY24 


Meet the Speakers

Anick duffy

Annick Duffy
Global WEM Knowledge Hub Leader

Pascal leclerc

Pascal LeClerc
Global WEM Customer Experience Leader

Faadia rahaman estes

Faadia Rahaman Estes
Global Learning & Education Leader, WEM Knowledge HUB