AppFoundry Webinar

The cloud conversational AI chatbot designed and built for Genesys Cloud

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According to Gartner, about 70% of all use cases in artificial intelligence (AI) are related to customer service and call centers. Join us in this webinar to learn:

  • How conversational AI and call center agents work hand-in-hand to blend into the entire customer service journey.
  • Conversational AI uses Natural Language Processing and machine learning to identify behaviors and intent. Properly designed chatbots can anticipate customer needs to create true empathy.

Botter Conversational AI isn’t a typical chatbot; it’s a machine that automates and fulfills various tasks on behalf of contact center agents. Learn how to scale an expand the Genesys CloudTM platform using the latest in conversational technology to improve your customer experience, increased productivity and grow your profit stream.

Meet the Speaker

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Sherif Fahmy
Marketing Manager
IST Networks