The State of CX

Consumer and business perspectives, gaps and opportunities

On-Demand Webinar

Consumers’ ever-rising expectations include a first-contact resolution and fast response among their top service priorities. As customer experience (CX) organizations face rising transaction volume and complexity, meeting these demands is tougher than ever.

Join us for “The state of CX: Consumer and business perspectives, gaps and opportunities” to hear our expert panel discuss findings from global research on today’s top strategic CX priorities and challenges. Get key insights on what’s valued most in a customer experience today, pulled from surveys of 2,629 consumers and 690 CX executives. And learn how current trends compare to a similar study conducted in 2017.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How companies are trying to win on CX
  • What consumers consider to be exceptional service
  • Why businesses need to rethink their channel mix to match changing preferences
  • What a focus on personalization and privacy can do to enhance CX

While some organizations are struggling with interaction complexity, aging technology, resource constraints and a lack of agility, CX leaders have countless opportunities to win in today’s experience economy with a clear path toward loyalty and growth.

Research shows we’re entering a new phase of CX. Be sure your company is ready.

Meet the Speakers

Claire beatty webinar image

Claire Beatty
Senior Director of Thought Leadership

Elcenora martinez

Elcenora Martinez
Global Vice President of Digital, AI and Cloud Product Marketing


Adrian Swinscoe
Customer experience advisor,
author, speaker and workshop leader
Aspirant Punk