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Building intelligent bot flows that use knowledge and intent

Bad bots deliver frustration with disconnected experiences, unhelpful responses and endless loops that leave customers at a dead end.

Better bots deliver empathy and efficient resolutions – at scale. What makes a bot better?

  • It understands intent
    Better bots understand what customers want – faster, more accurately and in multiple languages – and then deliver satisfying personalized experiences.
  • It’s easy to build
    With accelerators like Intent Miner, it’s easy to build bots that listen and understand intent based on conversations. And with Knowledge Management, you have an AI-enabled workbench.
  • It can support any channel
    Bots aren’t limited to chat boxes. They can support any channel – digital or voice. And they can transition to an agent with preserved context fory seamless journeys and faster resolutions.
  • It’s always learning
    Bots with intelligent flows listen, learn and optimize so continue to deliver exceptional experiences even as customer behaviors change.

Join us to see first-hand how easy it is to build a better bot with Genesys Cloud Dialog Engine Bot Flows.

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