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See Genesys Cloud CX in action: Salesforce Integrations

On-Demand Webinar

Give your agents the CRM database information they need to serve your customers – without having to move between applications. Eliminate the time spent changing from one application to another during an interaction that frustrates customers and puts you and your agents in a tough spot.

With the Genesys Cloud CXTM solution, you can easily integrate with third-party applications like Salesforce so agents can reference customer information in the middle of an interaction — without leaving the platform.

During the July Genesys Cloud CX demo, learn more about the Salesforce integration, including:

  • How to embed Genesys Cloud CX into Salesforce
  • Screen-pop cases based on an IVR selection
  • Logging new records into Salesforce or combining them with existing records
  • Creating cases upon receipt of a customer email
  • How to integrate with Salesforce Einstein (AI) for keyword FAQs from webchat interactions

Meet the Speaker

Brad forsythe webinar image

Brad Forsythe
Senior Strategic Sales Consultant

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