On-Demand Webinar

Rethink: Workforce engagement management in 2021 and beyond

On-Demand Webinar

Great customer experience is more critical today than ever before. To deliver an exceptional experience, employees need to be equipped with the right knowledge, skills and tools.

Join independent consultants Lori Bocklund; Nikki Barnsley from leading estate agency, Purplebricks; and WEM leaders from Genesys and get insights on how to engage and grow your workforce to reduce turnover and costs. They’ll also explore how to execute on your WEM strategy to improve employee and customer experiences.

On the agenda:

  • The value of an integrated, cloud-based solution across WEM and CCaaS
  • Key WEM buying trends for today and the post-COVID world
  • The role of workforce engagement management (WEM) in enhancing employee and customer experiences

Meet the Speakers

Merijn te booij event

Merijn te Booij
General Manager, WEM

Lori bocklund webinar

Lori Bocklund
Strategic Contact

Nikki barnsley webinar image

Nikki Barnsley
WFO Planner

Blog authors 0000s 0000s 0004 cameron smith.png

Cameron Smith
VP of Product Management, WEM