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How to prepare, strategize and thrive in tough economic times

Reset and refocus to maximize the returns on your CX investments

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In volatile times, there’s no room for error.
Customers grow more discerning, and their expectations rise.
You can’t afford to disappoint them with lackluster experiences.

But you also need to avoid unnecessary costs.

To maintain stability and protect your bottom line, you need to maximize the returns on your CX investments. It’s time to reset and refocus on building resilience, strengthening customer loyalty and boosting efficiency.

Watch Customer Service and Experience Advisor Adrian Swinscoe, Digital Customer Experience Transformer Leslie Paterson and Tech Executive Elcenora Martinez to learn which CX investments are crucial to prioritize while tightening your financial belt.

Meet the Speakers

Adrian Swinscoe
Customer Service and Experience Advisor and Forbes Contributor
Punk CX
Elcenora Martinez
Senior Vice President Product Marketing
Leslie Paterson
Vice President
Global Customer Advocacy and Engagement

Watch now to learn why:

Understanding customers and their journeys drives loyalty and revenue

Increasing operational efficiency is a smarter move than just lowering costs

Attrition costs more than you think — and doesn’t have to be the norm

Building resilience into your tech stack is the key to thriving in a volatile market