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Patient Access Starts with a Great Team Experience. CCaaS Can Help!

Live, interactive session of Genesys Cloud

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Healthcare experiences for a patient can be complex and fragmented. A contact center that supports patient access and connects the dots across the patient journey transforms the experience from complex to seamless.

Have you experienced these common pain points that we hear often from our  customers:​

  • “We have had 50% of our patient access staff turn-over in the last 12 months”
  • “It takes 12-16 weeks to train a practice / patient access representative” 
  • “We waste time trying to get a hold of the back channel – practice – nurse, to resolve a patient inquiry”

Join our interactive session to experience what it is like to be a patient, an access representative, or a nurse using Genesys technology. 

Experience automation, integration between your phone system and your EHR, tools to improve employee experience, productivity and morale, along with the analytics to understand how to continuously improve your patients’ and care teams’ patient access experience.

Want to be part of the experience? Volunteer* to be one of our “patient access representatives” to experience just how quick you can take calls and respond to inquiries.

We look forward to seeing you!

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