On-demand webinar

From frustration to personalization: Making omnichannel a reality in 2023

Delivering an omnichannel experience has never been more important as customers engage in new channels, demand more personalization and seek a blend of robust self-service and empathetic support. But success in achieving this is more difficult than ever.

Join Brian Cantor and Elcenora Martinez in this master class and spotlight on the Genesys Cloud CX™ platform. You’ll learn what it will take to finally make omnichannel a reality.

Key topics include:  

  • New research into what customers want from omnichannel and where brands fall short
  • The biggest causes of agent frustration and what’s making matters worse
  • Keys to reorchestrating customer journeys and heightening personalization at all touchpoints
  • Strategies for harnessing AI to better identify and address agent frustration
  • Solutions to the biggest contact center technology mistakes

Meet the Speakers

Elcenora Martinez
SVP, Product Marketing, Digital & AI

Brian Cantor
Principal Analyst & Director
CEI, CCW Digital