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Register now for this On-Demand LinkedIn Live session where we walk you through our recent Enterprise Connect Best Application for AI winning solution – Genesys Predictive Engagement. During the live session we discussed how businesses can anticipate individual customer needs building on every interaction across channels and events to improve and personalize future engagements.

Genesys Predictive Engagement delivers AI-powered, personalized and contextual experiences before, during and after critical so customers stay engaged and continue toward the desired business outcome. Working within Genesys Cloud, Genesys Predictive Engagement is part of the AI engine that enables Experience as a Service, the company’s vision for the contact center industry to facilitate end-to-end, personalized cloud-delivered experiences.


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Meet the Speakers

Elcenora martinez webinar image

Elcenora Martinez
Global VP, Product Management, AI

Dan arra webinar image

Dan Arra
Vice President, Sales

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Live Assistance